10 NXT Superstars likely to be called up to the main roster in 2018

Witb 2018 only a few hours away, a question frequently asked by WWE fans is: “Who do you think will be called up to the main roster?”

During 2017 there where plenty of big call-ups, including the likes of Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura and the ‘Undefeated’ Asuka. The two male superstars went to Smackdown Live, however Asuka went to RAW.

However, plenty of fans were left disappointed when there were some Superstars who were not called up, and I am here today to discuss my top ten picks to move up to the main roster next year.

10 – Tommaso Ciampa


Tommaso Ciampa was a half of the hugely popular tag-team DIY, alongside Johnny Gargano. After multiple attempts to re-claim the tag-team title from the Authors of Pain, Ciampa turned heel on Gargano at NXT Takeover Chicago.

After his heel turn on tag-team partner Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover Chicago, Ciampa has not been seen on WWE TV since May 31st, when he explained his actions for attacking Gargano.

Ciampa is not expected to be back until shortly before Wrestlemania season, and whilst I hope he is called up to the main roster, they may hold him back until 2019 as he will need some time to get back to his full potential.

Although it has yet to be seen, it will be interesting to see how Ciampa is as a heel, and hopefully he is moved up to the main roster at roughly the same time as Gargano so they can re-ignite their feud in WWE at some point in 2018.

9 – Velveteen Dream

velveteen dream.png

Although this seems like another very unlikely call-up this year, the Velveteen Dream is another call-up that I would love to see.

After his feud with Aleister Black ended with an amazing match at NXT Takeover:War Games, Dream had an injury setback. It is yet to be seen how long Dream will be out for, but hopefully it isn’t too serious as he has great talent, both in the ring and on the microphone.

Velveteen Dream made his debut in May, but has already became one of the more popular stars on the brand, and we saw that when people cheered him more than they did Aleister Black at NXT Takeover:War Games.

8 – Kassius Ohno


Kassius Ohno is currently in his second run in NXT.

Although Ohno is probably one of the Superstars more likely to go up, I am not completely sure, because he hasn’t been made to look that strong since he returned after leaving the company in 2013 to go and Wrestle on the independent scene.

Ohno then returned to NXT early on in 2017, after impressing on the independent scene.

Ohno fought Bobby Roode for the NXT title on March 15th’s episode of NXT, where he was defeated by the glorious one.

Ohno may need some momentum behind him before he does move up to the main roster, and it remains to be seen whether he will get it.

7 – Billie Kay

billie k

Billie Kay is one half of the iconic duo, alongside fellow Aussie Peyton Royce.

Although it would be great to see them pushed up together, and I would like that as much as anyone, it seems WWE are giving Royce more chances to prove herself than Billie Kay.

The two main rosters are already overloaded with heel female superstars, so it remains to be seen whether Kay will go up as a face or not when she does reach the main roster.

I hope the Iconic Duo do get the callup together, as they are a good team, and it would make for interesting feuds on the main brands.

Kay joined NXT in 2015, and her and Royce won NXT Breakout star of the year in 2016.

I personally think it would be great for her to come out and announce herself in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

6 – Ember Moon

ember moon.jpgEmber Moon is the reigning NXT Women’s Champion, after Asuka relinquished the title shorty before her move over to RAW.

Moon made her NXT debut when she beat Billie Kay at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II.

Moon won the NXT Women’s Championship when she beat Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross and Kairi Sane in a match at NXT Takeover War Games.

I would have put Moon higher, but as she is the current champion of the division, she may not get called up until later on in 2018 or early 2019.

Moon is another who could make her name if she was to enter the Women’s Royal Rumble.

5 – Aleister Black

aleister black.jpgThis is the potential debut that I am really looking forward to, although I think that it is unlikely to happen because he’s not been in NXT for a year yet, and a person with his talent deserves to win the title before he comes up to the main brand.

I don’t recall seeing a bad match from this man yet, and his unique wrestling style is admirable for all who get to watch him.

Black’s debut match was against Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas the night before Wrestlemania, at NXT Takeover Orlando.

If Black was to come up I think he would need a huge push, as he is that good and this is one talent that Vince needs to keep happy for a pro-longed period of time.

4 – Nikki Cross

nikki cross

Yes, I know I could have put Cross with SAnitY, but Cross tends to help the group out at points, whilst also focusing on her own career in the Women’s Division.

SAnity are seen as a pretty crazy group, quite reminicant to the old Wyatt family.

Cross reminds me a bit of AJ Lee, and I like it. The crazy character is often underrated in WWE but they are normally the most interesting characters because you don’t know what you can expect to see from them.

Cross has been in quite a few high profile matches in the NXT Women’s Division over the past year, and it remains to be seen whether she will be once she is part of the main roster.

SAnitY, and Cross made their NXT debut in late 2016.

3 – Peyton Royce

peyton royce.jpg

Now, it’s time for the second half of the Iconic Duo, Peyton Royce.

Royce seems to be well liked by the upper officials at NXT, and they clearly feel that she has the potential to be something special because she has been involved in a lot of title scenarios in the past year.

Royce joined NXT in 2015, around the same time as Billie Kay did.

Some may argue that Royce would be better as a solo competitor, as she seems to be the one always getting a push and it appears that several people feel she is very talented.

Both Royce and Kay have both got the experience of the company now, so I would be shocked if they aren’t called up to the main roster either after the Royal Rumble, or after Wrestlemania.

2 – SAnitY


Arguably the best tag-team in NXT over the past year or so, SAnitY have recently just lost the NXT tag-team titles to Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (The Undisputed Era).

Could that be the biggest hint yet that the team will come up to the main roster after their likely rematch at NXT Takeover, the night before the Royal Rumble?

The group is very strong, and they craziness within it is really intriguing, and as I said before, definitely reminiscent of the Wyatt family.

I think that this is pretty much nailed on to happen, and I am excited to see which brand they go onto, as Smackdown Live have a stronger tag-team division than RAW right now (in my opinion).

1 – Authors Of Pain


The Authors of Pain have been my favourite tag-team in NXT for a while now.

It is remarkable the standards of matches that the team has for men their size, and they never fail to do something to stun you.

Former NXT Tag-Team Champions, the Authors of Pain haven’t been in the title picture for a while now, and there were even rumours that the duo were backstage at both RAW and Smackdown Live, the week following NXT Takeover War Games.

Paul Ellering does a lot of speaking for the group, and he is a very good manager.

I hope these two are called up either during or the week after the Royal Rumble as it would be great to see them on either RAW or Smackdown Live.

Honourable mention goes to Roderick Strong, Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and Johnny Gargano who narrowly missed out on the list, but I would expect at least two of them to move up either late in 2018 or early 2019.

Question – What NXT stars do you think will debut in WWE in 2018?

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