RAW Review – 01.01.18 – Braun Strowman looks inhumane again, whilst Bliss v Asuka disappoints – Robbo’s Thoughts

As the show began, we saw RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss ask Kurt Angle why he is making her face the undefeated Asuka tonight on RAW.

Kurt responded saying he wanted to see: “A Wrestlemania worthy match,” to which Bliss said there would be one if Asuka can win the Royal Rumble match next month.

Angle’s music then played, and he left Bliss to go an make an announcement. The announcement was that the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match will have the same rules as the mens.

The Bar then interrupted Angle, and demanded their rematch for the RAW tag-team championships, tonight, to which Kurt said: “You’ll get your re-match when I say so.”

Jason Jordan then came out, whilst the crowd were shouting: “Daddy’s boy,” towards him.

Seth Rollins then came out, almost as though he was Jordan’s coach telling him what not to do. A match between Cesaro and Jordan was made, and Rollins said: “As far as I’m concerned, I’m here to watch you lose.”

The resulting match was alright, although it appeared that the crowd seemed bored as the atmosphere was flat.

Jordan won the match after Rollins attacked Sheamus, as he was about to hit Jordan behind the officials back, and Cesaro watched and as he turned around Jordan hit him with the same moves that won he and Rollins the titles last week.

Bray Wyatt then comes out, and according to Michael Cole he is preparing for a match, but we all know Matt Hardy will appear at some point!

Wyatt will face Apollo Crews, accompanied By Titus O’Neil and Dana Brooke.

Crews was made to look a lot stronger than I thought he would be, Wyatt seemed to struggle getting the win, which he did by delivering Sister Abigail in what was a near ten minute match.

Matt Hardy then appeared and made one of his best Woken promos yet, with him splitting into more and more screens, I’d guess these are to signify what his Woken Warriors look like.

Alexa Bliss then stopped Nia Jax from leaving the arena to go and see Enzo Amore, who had legitimately been in Hospital that day and therefore couldn’t compete and defend his Cruiserweight title.

Bliss told Jax to choose her or Enzo, to which Jax chose Amore.

Bliss dodges Asuka’s early attempts to hit her by going under the rope.

Really slow and dull beginning, Bliss hasn’t landed anything, Asuka’s landed a few but majority has been Bliss stood outside the ring.

They are making Bliss look strong now, by making her dominate the ground grapple game.

Bliss then taps out to the armbar, a very disappointing match compared to what it could have been. It was also very predictable that Asuka would win as it’s highly unlikely her undefeated streak would end on RAW.

Samoa Joe then cuts a Promo backstage insulting everything to do with Roman Reigns and the Shield, even says Ambrose is a: “Stay at home husband,” to real life wife Renee Young.

Braun then comes up to a huge pop, he faces Rhyno, whose accompanied by Heath Slater.

Strowman grabs the mic, mid-match to tell Slater to get on the floor and shut up, or to get in the ring and fight. Slater chooses the later option and gets squashed.

Strowman then does the running power-slam to Rhyno and gets the pin.

Slater attacks Strowman from behind post-match, gets running power-slammed.

Crowd chanting: “One more time,” Strowman obliges and does it to both superstars one time each again.

Make that two more, each, Strowman is a monster and I love it!

Backstage segment between Rollins and Reigns. Jordan interrupts and says something (I wasn’t focused so didn’t hear exactly what) and then says: “Believe that.”

Backstage segment between Kane and Strowman where Kane wants to work with Strowman to take out Lesnar, but Strowman says he will: “Do it on my own terms.”

Finn Balor announces he is in the Royal Rumble to Angle, then announces his team-mates for the six-man tag team match tonight are the good brother, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows!

Reigns v Joe is next, Reigns gets a decent pop, whilst crowd chant Joe per usual for his entrance.

Joe comfortably on top for the start of the match, almost like a squash match.

Joe jumps out of the middle rope, and hits Reigns, both men get back into the ring just before the ten count.

Reigns picks up the steel steps, and Joe taunts him saying: “Hit me,” but Reigns superman punches Joe outside and then inside the ring. Joe kicks out at two.

Reigns pushes the referee nearly gets disqualified.

Reigns spears Joe to pick up the win, and retain the Intercontinental title, after a great match!

Drew Gulak and Ariya Divari are in the ring for a promo, Gulak starts by reading Amore’s letter to why he can’t compete tonight.

Alexander interrupts the promo.

Goldust comes out to team with Alexander!

Goldust was very good in the match, crowd even said: “you’ve still got it to him, as he did a moonsault off the top rope!

He and Alexander won.

Elias now sat in the ring, I hope he asks: “Who wants to walk with Elias,” cause I will.

The Miztourage join him, and announce The Miz will return next week!

The Good Brothers interrupt them, closely followed by Finn Balor.

The trio do the ‘too sweet’ in the ring before the match begins!

Magic Killer by the Good Brothers, then a Coupe de Grace by Balor gets them the win!

Paul Heyman accompanies Brock Lesnar to the ring.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman,” how iconic.

Strowman’s looking on backstage

Kane interrupts the promo

Kane chokeslams Lesnar

Lesnar sits up like Kane normally does

Superstars come out to stop the brawl


Decent episode of RAW but nothing amazing. The Roman Reigns v Samoa Joe match stood out in particular, but not much else. Alexa Bliss v Asuka was very disappointing in my eyes, I had high hopes for that.

Question – What did you think of RAW tonight?

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