205 Live Analysis – 02.01.18 – TJ Perkins returns, whilst Itami is beat-down and Goldust impresses again!

Show starts with highlights of last night, when Drew Gulak and Ariya Divari’s promo was interrupted by Cedric Alexander and Goldust.

We were also shown highlights of the match won by Goldust and Alexander.

Nigel McGuiness and Vic Joseph announce that, just as like last night on RAW, Enzo Amore is absent due to the flu.

Akira Tozawa is the first man out tonight, facing an ‘in-named’ opponent.

Tozawa will face the returning TJ Perkins.

The commentators say it is the first time in two months that TJP has been on 205 Live.

Tozawa trying to get the crowd behind him with his ‘ah’ chant.

Tozawa goes to jump through the middle rope, but TJP kicks Tozawa as he tries to do so.

TJP has targeted Tozawa’s left shoulder.

TJP trying lots of different submissions on the shoulder.

Tozawa dives through the middle rope, and shoulder tackles TPJ before throwing him back into the ring.

TJP pokes Tozawa’s eye before hitting his head into the steel post, TJP then lands his finisher and wins.

It goes backstage, to Alexander and Goldust.

Alexander says to Goldust: “You know you’re over 205 pounds right?” To which Goldust is shocked.’

Jack Gallagher is next out as he looks to avenge what Hideo Itami did to his friend Brian Kendrick.

Gallagher tries attacking Itami with his umbrella pre-match but Itami was wiser to it.

Gallagher gets a pipe out of the umbrella and starts to beat Itami up, before the referees top him.

Gallagher walks out of the ring too boos.

Gulak and Divari are no doing a backstage segment.

Goldust interferes in the promo and does his usual silly, but funny, antics and Gulak does it back and Goldust says his breath stinks.

There’s now a re-cap that the Miz returns to RAW on Monday night.

Alexander starts the match, but the crowd soon chants: “We want Goldust!”

Goldust keeps avoiding Divari, and then runs out of breath, which the crowd loves as it was pretty funny.

Divari hits the rope as Alexander is mid-air and Alexander’s head hits the top turnbuckle.

Alexander sent shoulder first into the steel steps.

Goldust takes out both Divari and Gulak, and the crowd are behind him.

Goldust pulls the top rope down for Alexander to jump over and land on the other two.

Alexander hits his finisher, and he and Goldust win the match.

 Question – Did you enjoy 205 Live this week?

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