Smackdown Live Analysis – 02.01.18 – Becky Lynch Returns, as Sami Zayn pins AJ Styles

Show opens with highlights of last week, when Kevin Owens beat AJ Styles in a non-title match.

Styles will start the first Smackdown Live in 2018.

Styles opens by wishing the WWE Universe a happy new year!

Daniel Bryan is called out by Styles to tell him whether Owens is allowed at ringside this week, after Zayn cost Styles the match last week.

Shane McMahon comes out before Bryan can say a word.

Crowd starts the chant: “Shane O’Mac,” closely followed by: “Daniel Bryan.”

McMahon apologises to Styles for costing him the match last week.

Bryan, McMahon and Owens will all be ringside for the match later tonight.

The Usos to defend the tag-team titles against Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, next!

Usos talk on the mic to Gable and Benjamin before the match.

Benjamin throws one of the Usos off the top rope then Gable does a moonsault and then pin is broken up at two, fast paced start to the match.

The Usos go flying out the ring multiple times.

Benjamin and Gable win a very disappointing and short match.

Another referee comes out, and it appears the man pinned wasn’t the legal man, confusion in the arena.

The referee restarts the match, so much confusion ongoing at the moment.

The Usos attack Gable and Benjamin as they hesitate when getting back into the ring.

Double super-kick by the Usos, then a frog splash off the top rope gets the Usos the win, very disappointing match, that.

Zayn and Owens do a backstage segment with Renee Young, where they discuss the match later on tonight.

Breezango come out to face the Bludgeon Brothers.

The Bludgeon Brothers started the match before the bell even rang, by beating down Breezango, then The Ascension come out to save them, and get crushed.

We then go to the backstage with the New Day, and Big E and Kofi Kingston have bought Xavier Woods gifts.

They are interrupted by Aiden English and Rusev!

Rusev calls them: “Little kids,” as the crowd cheers for #RusevDay.

Mojo Rawley then does a backstage promo talking about how he will beat Zack Ryder next week.

Rusev and English are stood in the ring waiting, and Rusev decides it’s him turn to sing English a song, that was pretty awesome!

Woods goes faces first into the steel steps after English dodges him.

English sings: “Rusev Day!” to himself in the ring whilst he is in control of the match.

Back-breaker by Woods, and English kicks-out at two and a half.

Jinder Mahal is watching backstage, with the Singh Brothers.

Woods wins after an elbow-drop from the top tope, Rusev day is cancelled!

The Welcoming Committee do a backstage segment about how they are going to beat the Riott Squad.

The Welcoming Committee come out first, accompanied by Lana.

The Riott squad win with quite possibly the worst finisher you will ever see, a knee to the back of the head…

Ruby Riott cuts a promo post match that is full on heel.

Charlotte interrupts the promo.

Charlotte then introduces Naomi, closely followed by the returning Becky Lynch.

The three make the Riott squad retreat, after the beatdown.

Baron Corbin then announces that he will be in the Royal Rumble match.

Styles came out first, and he was followed by Bryan and then McMahon.

Styles goes straight after Zayn, after he cost him the match last week against Owens.

Ringside confrontation between Owens and McMahon, after Styles has Zayn down outside the ring, Bryan tries to break it up.

Chants of: “AJ Styles, Sami Zayn,” ring around the arena during the match.

Zayn hits the blue thunder bomb, but Styles kicks out at two.

The official rolls out the ring, but Styles pins Zayn for a three count in the ring, but there’s nobody to count it.

McMahon pushes Owens over.

McMahon gets Owens ejected, then Bryan tells McMahon to leave too.

Zayn hits the Helluvah kick during all of the chaos and gets the pin on Styles.

Styles cuts a promo, and it results in Bryan announcing that Styles will defend his title in the Royal Rumble in a handicap match against Owens and Zayn.

Question – What did you make of #SDLive tonight?

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