03.01.18 – The Best of NXT 2017 Analysis – Drew McIntyre and Adam Cole’s unseen before match, plus the full year review

The show will be hosted by Mike Rome and Kayla Braxton.

Shows opens telling us there’s awards and a big announcement out tonight.

Shows a re-cap of Shinsuke Nakamura v Bobby Roode, and their match the night before the Royal Rumble in January.

The majority of the beginning was focused on Nakamura and his feuds whilst in NXT.

Seems that Drew McIntyre arriving it next up.

Next up is the tag-team title match between the Authors of Pain and DIY.

Next up it is highlights o Bobby Roode against Drew McIntyre.

We now get to see Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly distract McIntyre, before Adam Cole attacks him from behind.

We have now moved onto the Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream feud.

Next up is the never before seen match between Mc Intyre and Cole from San Antonio, referees by Shaun Michaels.

Fish and O’Reilly are removed from ringside by Michaels.

Crowd signing: “Hey, hey, hey goodbye,” to the Undisputed Era.

McIntyre goes shoulder first into the ring-post, after Cole dodges him.

Sit up Power-bomb by McIntyre, Cole kicks out at two.

Avalanche Celtic Cross by McIntyre off the top rope, Cole kicks out at two.

Back to back Shining Wizards by Cole, McIntyre kicks out at two.

Cole goes for sweet chin music, McIntyre reverses into the future shock DDT, Cole kicks out at two.

Michaels looks shocked.

Cole super-kicked Michaels, McIntyre hits his Claymore but there’s no referee.

When Michaels does recover, Fish and O’Reilly pull him out of the ring and proceed to beating McIntyre up.

Michaels then sweet chin music’s O’Reilly.

After the chaos ends, McIntyre hits the Claymore to retain the belt.

We then move onto seeing Andrade Cien Almas beating McIntyre for the title.

Now we go into an interview with Almas and Zelina Vega.

Asuka is up next.

From the former Women’s Champion to the Iconic Duo, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.

Must be for the rest of the women, as Lacey Evans is next.

Kairi Sane and Bianxca Belair are the next two.

Vannessa Bourne and Shayna Basler are the final two.

Its announced Shayna Baszler will make her official debut net week against an in-named opponent.

Next up is the War Games match, arguably match of the year.

Johnny Gargano interview is up next.

First we get to see Ciampa’s heel turn on Gargano.

And now we are looking at the fatal four-way that occurred last week, must be building up to the interview instead.

Aleister Black will fight Adam Cole at NXT Takeover, Philadelphia.

Now time for the interview.

Women’s Champion, Ember Moon is up next.

The categories for the NXT awards as announced.


Ember Moon interview is now underway.

That’s the end of the show!

Question – Who do you think will be the breakout star in NXT in 2018?

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RAWrestling


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