WrestleKingdom 12 – Roppongi 3K v The Young Bucks – IWGP Junior Tag-Team Championship Match

Double sharpshooter in the ring, with the Young Bucks in control of one and Roppongi 3K the other.

Ends with Matt Jackson attacking the other hold.

Sho and Yoh jump over the top rope and land on the Young Bucks.

Bad landing for Yoh, as the Young Bucks target his ribs with a suplex on the apron.

Super-kick on Romero, and that’s followed by a powerbomb.

Powerbomb onto the apron on Yoh, but he kicks out at two.

Matt Jackson goes flying over the top rope and has a heavy landing as he lands on the floor.

Matt applies pressure to Yoh’s back but Sho punches him off.

Matt tries to powerbomb Yoh onto the steel ramp in front of Romero, but it’s reversed and Matt lands on his back instead.

The Young Bucks collide, as Nick jumps over the top rope and Yoh dodges the move meaning he lands on Matt.

A double German suplex on Matt who makes the tag but instead of the trio being completed on Matt, Nick joins in on the last one.

Back and fourth action in quick succession includes a DDT by Nick Jackson and a clothesline by Sho.

Swanton Bomb onto Yoh’s back, and he kicks out barely at two.

Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, and Yoh eventually gets to the bottom rope.

Double single-leg crab on the Young Bucks, Nick kicked Sho onto Yoh to break it up.

Nick and Sho kick Matt and Yok’s backs to see who will crack first.

Yoh taps to a sharpshhoet, and the Young Bucks are the new champs!


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