WrestleKingdom 12 (WK12) – Cody vs Kota Ibushi – Non title match

Cody Rhodes is accompanied by Brandi Rhodes to ringside.

Lot of moves being avoided early on.

Cody puts his middle finger up towards Ibushi.

Ibushi goes over the top rope, hitting both Brandi and Cody.

Cody hits Ibsuhi with a chair he got from Brandi.

Ibushi moonsaults from the top rope to the floor where Cody is stood.

Brandi distracts Ibushi meaning Cody can capitalise.

Cody cross-roads Ibushi off the apron.

Ibushi gets back into the ring at the count of 19.

Springboard Hurricanrana from Cody off the top rope.

Ibushi counters cross-roads and sends Cody face first into the corner.

Rhodes kicks out of Ibushi’s powerbomb.

Ibushi knees Rhodes in the head.

Ibushi does a springboard move from the corner, and gets a three count to win the match!


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