WrestleKingdom 12 (WK12) – Hiroshi Tanahashi v Jay White – IWGP Intercontinental Championship

Hard-hitting match early on.

Tanahashi injures his knee after jumping over the top rope.

White now targeting Tanahashi’s knee.

White in control now because of Tanahashi’s knee.

Tanahashi collapses again, after his knee buckles after landing.

White is now feeling his right knee too.

Tanahashi now in control of the match, fans are on his side too.

Tanahashi traps White’s leg in the middle rope then drags the other one down, seemingly making it his target.

Tanahashi frog splashes off the top rope and lands on White outside the ring.

White suplex’ Tanahashi onto the ringside apron.

White suplex’s Tanahashi into the corner.

White delivers the death valley driver to Tanahashi, who kicks out at two.

Dragonscrew on White’s left leg, that has been targeted by Tanahashi.

Twisted shelf by Tanahashi off the top rope.

Back to back sling blades by Tanahashi, White kicks out at two.

Tanahashi misses with the frog splash.

Tanahashi hits the frog=splash off the top rope to win!


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