WrestleKingdom 12 (WK12) – Kazuchicka Okada v Tetsuya Naito – IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Naito takes his time getting ready for the match.

Both men avoiding the other thus far.

Okada drop-kicks Naito off the top rope.

Naito delivers a neck-breaker to Naito on the steel barricade.

Naito delivers another neckbreaker, but on the ring apron this time.

Naito on top, has dominated Okada thus far.

DDT in the middle of the ring by Okada.

Okada runs full speed around the ring, and delivers a high boot to Naito.

Okada delivers a DDT to Naito off the steel barricade.

Okada sends Naito face first into the match, after the momentum had started to swing Naito’s way.

Elbow drop by Okada from off the top rope.

Long submission hold by Okada, Naito struggles to escape.

Naito finally gets to the bottom rope.

Okada gets flipped off the top rope by Naito, and barely kicks out for two.

Naito misses a move off the top rope.

Brawl on the top rope results in Naito falling.

Okada hits his finisher, Naito kicks out.

Naito misses a step-up enzaguri.

Naito hits destino but cannot cover Okada.

Okada kicks out after an inventive move from Naito in the corner.

Okada kicks out of the destino, somehow.

Step-up enzaguri lands on Okada this time.

Okada hits a tombstone, then goes for another.

Naito reverses and hits destino and goes for another.

Okada hits another tombstone, then lands a clothesline to win!


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