Wrestlekingdom 12 (WK12) – Marty Scurll v Will Ospreay v Kushida v Hiromu Takahashi – IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Scurll goes out the ring as the match starts yelling: “I’m the champ.”

Scurll superkicks Takahashi on the outside of the ring.

Ospreay climbs high into the air, and does a moon-sault onto the rest of the competitors.

Ospreay locks himself and Kushida in the ring.

Kushida locks the armbar in on Ospreay after catching him in mid-air, Ospready escapes though.

Scurll super-kicks Kushida as he nearly made Takahashi submit.

Scurll shouts super-kick then delivers a kick to the knee.

Scurll hits Ospreay at speed and he goes flying, then the other two clothesline each other.

All four competitors are on the floor fighting each other.

Elevated overhead belly to belly throw by Takahasi sends Kushida into the corner.

Ospreay kicks out at two after being caught in mid-air by Scurll.

Count broken up on two after Scurll hits the off-cutter on Ospreay.

Scurll ties Takahash to the barricade, and starts pulling his fingers down.

Kushida transitions after jumping off the top rope he lands into an armbar, Ospreay picks him up and throws him into the corner.

Takahash sunset bombs both Ospreay and Scurll outside the ring.

Takahash missle dropkicks Ospready, and he barely kicks out at two.

Ospreay shooting star presses over the top rope on Kushida and Scurll.

Ospready 450 splash, Takahashi kicks out at two.

Scurll pulls the referee out the ring as it looked like Ospreay had it won.

Scurll attacks his opponents with an umbrella.

Ospreay hits the Oscutter and wins his belt back!


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