WrestleKingdom 12 (WK12) – Sanada and Evil v Davey Boy Smith JR and Lance Archer – Match Report – IWGP Tag-Team Titles

Somehow this in the first New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Match that I have ever watched.

Smith and Archer almost won within seconds after a quick start to the match, pinfall attempt broken up at two.

Sanada thrown out of the ring by Smith.

Domination thus far by Smith and Archer, throwing their opponents around at their own will.

Sanada gets the first strike of the game for his team, but kicking Smith’s knee after he tries to stop him getting to his corner.

Smith performs the bridge, Sanada kicks out at two.

Archer with the Iranogi, Sanada kicks out at two.

Sanada finally gets to his corner to tag Evil in.

Archer goes down for the first time in the match after a clothesline from the corner.

Overhead throw by Archer sends Evil flying across the ring.

Archer choke-slams Sanada.

Killer-bomb and Sanada kicks out at two, much to everyone’s surprise.

Magic Killer on Smith, he kicks out at two.

Moonsault by Sanada on Smith, and we have new champions!





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