WrestleKingdom 12 (WK12) – The Suzuki Gun vs The War Machine vs Chaos vs Unchained Gorilla vs The Bullet Club – Gauntlet Match – Never Openweight six man tag team Championships

Suzuki Gun jump-start the bell to try and gain an advantage.

Elgin holds Ilzuca up in the air one-handed.

Taichi hit Hanson with the ring bell.

Hanson cartwheels through a clothesline attempt, and then clotheslines Ilzuca.

Chaos as all of the members of the match get involved.

Hanson goes for a moonsault off the top rope on Ilzuca, but misses,.

Followed up by a kick from Sabre Jr.

Rowe then kicks Sabre Jr in the head.

Taichi gets kicked in the head too.

Ilzuca hits Elgin and Hanson with an iron bar, before Rowe punches him down.

Sabre Jr chokes out Rowe to get the win for the Suzuki Gun.

Chaos are the next team to enter the Gauntlet.

The two teams meet outside the ring.

Unfair advantage as its all of the members of the Suzuki Gun.

Taichi gets hit in the privates, and rolled up for a three count, so the Suzuki Gun are eliminated.

Chaos use the padding at the corner of the ring as a distraction, as they have ripped it off the corner.

Berretta has broken up several pinfall attempts.

Ryusuke Taguchi tries to re-create Shinsuke Nakamura’s Kinshasa finisher but gets rolled up and pinned so the Unchained Gorilla’s are eliminated.

Death valley driver on the apron on Barretta.

Ishii then delivers an impressive suplex to Bad Luck Fale.

Gunstun lands, but the cover is broken up at two.

Dude-buster by Baretta, and there are new champions, Chaos!




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