Defiant Wrestling – 06.01.18 – A new Women’s Number One Contender and a Title Match!

Show start with a re-cap of last week’s show, when the roster of IPW took over the company’s ring.

First out is one half of the Defiant tag-team champions, Jimmy Havoc.

Havoc is joined by some allies.

Havoc wants an explanation from IPW as to why they did what they did.

Mark Haskins leads to IWP group out.

Haskins says: “You must be wondering why we come here and beat the f*** out of every single one of you,” to which he gets the response: “Because youre a wanker!”

Havoc is a former IPW Champion, and he lets Haskins know that.

Haskins says Aries has signed a new contract at IPW.

Haskins says Stu Bennett wants Aries to be exclusive to Defiant.

Haskins: “We are going to burn this place to the ground,” greeted with a few loud boos.

Chris Ridgeway walks to the ring and asks for a title shot from Primate, but gets a headbutt instead.

Liam Slater is the first man to head to the ring as we prepare for the first match of the night.

His opponent it Gabriel Kidd.

Kidd attacks Slater before the bell starts.

Back-drop by Kidd on Slater.

Slater attacks Kidd from behind after a distraction.

Slater in control of the match since the attack from behind.

Kidd throws Slater off the top rope.

Kidd on top since getting Slater off the top rope.

Prince Ameen’s carpet is thrown into the ring, distracting Kidd.

Crucifix on Kid.

Slater wins after connecting with the newly named ‘Holy Headbutt’ from the top rope.

Now time for Women’s action, as Little Miss Roxy makes her way to the ring.

This will be a triple threat match, the commentators confirm.

Xia Brookside is next to head to the ring.

Millie McKenzie is the final competitor.

Match starts with a bit of pushing and shoving.

German suplex’s from McKenzie.

Roundhouse kick from Brookside, but the pinfall is broken up by McKenzie.

Spear by Brookside on McKenzie.

Brookside throws Roxxy off the top rope and wins the match!

David Starr is out for a singles match, next.

Chris Brookes is his opponent.

Starr attacks Brookes before the match begins.

When the bell does ring Starr goes for a cover, Brookes kicks out at two.

El Ligero, whose at ringside aiding Starr, trips Brookes up.

Cross-body to the corner by Starr.

Ligero continues to attack Brookes whilst the referee is distracted.

Brookes slams Starr’s head into the turnbuckle, and then kicks it.

El Ligero holds Brookes’ foot, then Starr tries to spear him and goes through the middle rope, but he hits El Ligero instead.

Starr DDT’s Brookes on the ring-apron.

Starr puts him back into the ring and delivers a clothesline.

Starr tries to roll up Brookes after he’s distracted by El Ligero, but as Brookes kicks out El Ligero collides with Starr and Brookes rolls Starr up for a three count.

Travis Banks comes out to save Brookes as the other two guys attack him.

Joe Hendry comes out and says: “We will do anything to remove you,” as he stands with El Ligero and Starr.

Joe Coffey then comes out and is threatened with a steal chair by the trio.

Coffey announces that next week it is Banks against Austin Aries for the Defiant Championship.

Chris Ridgeway comes out for the main event.

Primate heads to the ring with the Defiant Hardcore Championship.

Starts off with the two competitors trading blows.

Primate is thrown into the barriers.

Primate spears Ridgeway.

Ridgeway locks in a triangle hold, but Primate powers out of it.

Primate goes for a submission hold, and Ridgeway taps, according to the referee.

It appears the IPW guys feel he did not submit, however Primate retains the title.


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