Finn Balor – The heel Turn that could see the ultimate good guy OVERtake the competition

Finn Balor. A top-five draft pick for the flagship show, team red, Monday Night Raw. For the past couple of weeks he’s been taking on The Miztourage, and in recent months he’s been told by Vince McMahon that he isn’t over enough with the fans, and had his title match he never got after injury against the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar, taken away from him due to that leading to a string of rather amusing tweets from the man himself, Finn Balor, even changing his name of Twitter to “Finn fOreVER”

Finn it seems, was rather displeased with this development, and he has reason be, he’s been so underused on the RAW roster recently that he may as well have been non-existent.

So, a change of character seems to be in order.

Last week Finn was in a 6-man tag match and chose his partners as the heel group, the club. That set alarm bells running for me in terms of a character switch. During the match itself, there was nothing that Finn really did that was too untoward, however, they have since been travelling together publically as it was posted on Twitter, and so a grouping now seems to be on hand.

A more recent development that seems to have taken off is his mixed match challenge partner, which has a bearing on his character. A few weeks ago a exclusive video went out where he was being asked about a partner for the mixed match challenge and this ended with Bayley running over and grabbing him, insinuating they would team together.

However, as of the time of writing, new news has been revealed, that Finn will now team with Sasha Banks. This was also addressed by Bayley on twitter.

She does insinuate here that it was Kurt’s idea, however, if the show goes the way I feel it should, it should be revealed that he wanted to team with Sasha over her as he feels he would have more of a chance of winning the competition if he teamed with Sasha. This could tell fans that he is more concerned with winning than friendship, a relatively heel thing, but something being can relate to, and so could be the beginning of the downturn for him in becoming more of a bad guy on the scene.

The good thing about Finn is that, while he is increadibly charasmatic and this plays well with him as a face, his work ethic is second to only AJ Styles when it comes to working with what you are given, and Finn, especially with the Demon being a more heel character anyway, could tap into that in his main work with the company, and be an all around more angry person, leading to his heel turn, off the back of the fas not supporting him enough for him to get his match for the belt he wanted so badly, and so he turns on them, and he isn’t wrestling to entertain any more, he’s wrestling for himself.

This I feel is the best way for the company to move forward with Finn, as they seem to have no idea on how to market him at the moment, or how to use him.

Question – What do you think? Can Finn work as a heel? Or rather more importantly, should he? Tell us on Twitter at @RAWrestling

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