Potential matches that could be on RAW tonight

Given that there has been no real news about what is going on, on RAW tonight, bar the Cedric Alexander v Enzo Amore Crusierweight title match, I thought why not have a go at guessing some of the matchups.

Last week was saw a number of interesting matches, including Samoa Joe v Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Title. The ‘Big Dog’ retained his title in a match if he were to be disqualified he may lose, but we may see Joe get the chance to earn himself another shot at the title tonight on RAW.

The Miz was last seen on WWE television around a month ago, as he went to film a movie. But now the ‘must see’ Superstar has been announced to be back tonight, even hosting a MIZ TV episode for fans to enjoy.

Last week we also saw Finn Balor teams with the ‘Good Brothers’ Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Could we see a mini re-union of the Bullet Club in WWE with Balor, Anderson and Gallows. Hopefully last-week was not just a one off as it would be good to see this group used in WWE, and hopefully given a push too.

Braun Strowman is likely to have another squash match if the last few weeks are anything to go by. Heath Slater and Rhyno have been his opponents the past two weeks, so I would guess he will face them both in a handicap match tonight.

Alexa Bliss lost to Asuka last week on RAW, so we may see either a match or Asuka announced as the number one contender to face Bliss at the Royal Rumble in three weeks time.

With the Bray Wyatt and ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy feud spicing up the past few weeks, will we get to see both Superstars face to face in the ring tonight? I hope so as it would be great to see.

I also think we may see some Mixed Match Challenge focused storylines, like Strowman and Bliss having one anothers backs, and likewise for the likes of Sasha Banks and Balor.

Question – What do you want to see on RAW tonight?

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