RAW Jan. 8 2018 – The Miz returns

Tonight, we get to see the return of The Miz to a WWE ring. This I feel is good as it allows the show to have something a little more interesting in what has become known as the ‘dead hour’.

This could have many different ways of unfolding on the show, with my hope being that a reunion with The Miztourage leads to them asking how he thinks they did while he was away, and a blow-up from The Miz, stating he expected more from them in terms of a title win in the Tag-Team division so he had a formidable stable to come back to leading to either a match in the tag division for the two, or Elias coming out to defend them, and a match between The Miz and Elias.

Another way this could go is the Miz could instantly challenge for his IC title back from Roman Reigns, which could be good as we all know Roman needs dragging through mic segments the… “Suffering Succotash” that he is, and The Miz is so good on the mic he could drag three people through a segment like this.

THere could end up being an interference from the Balor Club of Luke Gallows, Karly Anderson and Finn Balor, leading to another 6-man tag match with The Miz taking the place of Elias, something we’ve seen very recently but WWE have shown they don’t really care how recently something has been put on, to put it on again.

Finally, the way I think they will be the most likely to go with The Miz, and the safest way, is an episode of MizTV where he discusses being an actor, and the new film he is doing, before being interrupted by someone slightly low in the mid-card, and use them for a big win on his return, and to validate his promotion of the film he is in.

Question – What do you think? Will they do any of these or something else? How do you want WWE to handle the return of the A-Lister?

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