Monday Night RAW – 08.01.18 – Enzo Amore v Cedric Alexander – Crusierweight Title

Enzo cuts a heated promo before the match has begun.

Both Amore and Alexander alone, which is interesting.

Amore running scared for the opening stages.

Amore escapes the ring, gives himself time to think.

Nia Jax overlooking backstage.

Amore pushes Alexander out of the ring.

Amore has Alexander in a chin-lock in the ring.

Amore dominant as Alexander is once again on the floor.

Amore knees Alexander in the face.

Alexander drop-kicks Amore as he jumps off the top rope.

Alexander knees Amore in the head.

Alexander jumps over the top rope and lands on Alexander.

Amore’s face is bleeding heavily.

Amore holds his left ankle.

Amore is counted out as a result of the ‘injury.’

Amore is still champion.

Average match, not helped by the fact it did not last long. Not sure how legitimate the injury to Amore is, but can see these two having a match at the Royal Rumble.


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