RAW 8/1/18 – Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Mandy and Bayley start the match with a lockup.

Mandy Rose sends Bayle around the ring and dumps her in the corner

Bayley reverses and starts hitting her in the corner for the same to happen in reverse. Bayley hits her off and pushes away from the corner only to be slammed by Mandy rose, looking strong.

Mandy has Bayley in a jaw/headlock.

Bayley fights out and is thrown across the ring. Mandy in control.

Bayley with a slam on Mandy to regain control, mandy rolls out of the ring and Absolution try to regain some composure.

Mandy Rose in the ring now with Sasha Banks putting the hut o her with the hip toss and double knees and a 2 count.

Big hits from Mandy Rose, taking it to Sasha Banks, talking a lot a trash.

A huge slap from Sasha, she takes Sonya out on the apron and is hit by Mandy and put into the corner. Tag to Sonya, but knees in the corner using her MMA background.

Leg lock around the midsection. Sasha attempts a pin to break the lock. Back to the feet and some huge body punches put Sahsa on the mat, she’s dragged to the corner where Mandy tags in.

Big stomp to the midsection. Mandy and Sonya dominating. Bayley knocked to the floor, Sonya takes Sahsa out on the apron off the distraction.

Bayley runs through the ring and takes Sonya out of action.

Sasha rolls Rose into the Banks Statement and just like that it’s all over

All in all a good match. Sonya and Mandy made to look hugely strong throughout, and Bayley and Sasha being the more veteran wrestlers win due to experience, a good finish to a good match.


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