RAW 8/1/18 – The Miz returns to thunderous Applaus, Braun buries the competition and Balor Club on a high – Josh’s Thoughts

The show starts with a recap of IC Title match from last week showing the importance

Roman Reigns enters the arena. His music hits to deafening boos again here after a few weeks of him getting a mixed response

Roman Starts talking about beating Joe last week and how he won not because he was better but because he crossed Dean Ambrose. Putting over Joe in a way with saying he isn’t better than him

Jason Jordan enters to boos, again. Seems no one likes this young man with chants of daddy’s boy raining down on him as he has no charisma.

You Both Suck chants. You can see what the fans think. Not one like Jordan. He’s far too vanilla, got where he is because of management alone as people obviously prefer Chad Gable, and as we’ve seen with Roman, that never goes well.

Enter Seth Rollins. Cheers. Finally, again talks about teaching Jason Jordan a lesson. Jason Jordan says the three of them run the show as they’re all champions. This statement greeted by boos.

Balor Club. Heel? We’ll see.

Heel statement. Finn says the three of them have been running with each other for 10 years, longer than Jordan has known Kurt Angle was his dad, with a snarky smile added to it. Heel? it would see.

Balor Club state that they are the strongest three-man group in WWE and they are much stronger than something Jason Jordan called the “Champion’s Club”. Seth and Roman hang their heads in shame.

Jason Jordan gets called a… “NERD!”, and slaps Luke Gallows for the remark almost inciting a brawl.

Kurt Comes out to stop what is surely going to be a brawl and makes the match for the main event of RAW – Balor Club vs Seth, Roman and Jason Jordan.

Woken Matt Hardy – New entrance music, and it’s brilliant. Absolutely love it. Finally, we get to see him in the ring and doing what he does best, be cray and wrestle like a madman, looking forward to this, and if he talks at the end or Bray comes out and interrupts it could give an indication as to where the feud is going. Matt is in the Rumble. Takes away the match I thought would happen between him and Bray Wyatt, but I feel pretty assured that it will continue there, and become one of the main feuds that come out of the rumble.

Aggressive wrestling style here from Matt. Enter Bray Wyatt. Lights come back up to him behind Matt, not the usual look of fear that is there for most when this happens. Laughs from both… This is completely insane.

Bray squares up to Matt, both still laughing. Bray Backs off. The lights cut. Finally a good and full segment for Matt, that was needed, and good strong win with a new wrestling style from Matt. Brilliant. The segment with Matt and Bray obviously means that the feud is something that is going to continue, and so it should, it’s a great first feud for Matt, and they can bring out the best in each other, so I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

Would you like to walk with Elias? I know I would.

I like Elias, he’s a good wrestler, if maybe a little stiff, but he works hard and he works with the gimmick he has, and it works for him. He is a genuinely good heel. Sayin that WWE stands for Walk With Elias is good too, gives him somewhat of a catchphrase for people to get behind.

good song to introduce The Miz there actually. Cheers around the arena for The Miz, with Welcome back chants raining down.

MizTV begins and what a show it was. He talked about being Rockstar’s superstar of the year and there is a lot of truth to that. He has been outstanding all year and this segment was brilliant again from him.  great heel segment, getting cheers due to the absence he has returned from and he went down the path that I assumed he would in going for the IC title right away, with a match being made for RAW 25. This segment was brilliant, and if you are a fan of The Miz or even just good spoken segments, this is worth a watch.

Balor Club team talk backstage. They discuss all the different challenges they have overcome over the years in NJPW, and it’s just a segment to introduce the universe to these guys being together and show them they have experience, as it comes into play later on in the show.

There is also a section where they bring up Karl Anderson’s “hot Asian wife” which is a running gag for them, but Luke Gallows response this time is to say “Yeaaahh” for Karl Anderso to just say “Hey” back, a bit of a nothing moment but it’s fun and gives character development so it’s worth a watch.

Rhyno VS Samoa Joe. A match that only has a bearing on Rhyno and Heath. NOt much to be surprised about, Joe won and Rhyno is still trying to show Heath… something… or teach him some form of lesson… I’m not doing a good job of keeping up with this one if I’m honest.

Joe looked good though, solid win, good submission and he looked strong, so that’s good.

Cruiserweights… Enzo lost but retained via count out… the match was a rather scrappy one from Enzo as that’s just how he wrestles, some good moves from Alexander and some good high flying ability. This sets us up for something else between these two a little further down the line, possibly at the Rumble, possibly a little sooner, for instance possibly at RAW 25.

The Bar lost… To Titus Worldwide.

Yeah… You read that right, they lost, to Titus Worldwide, despite the fact that they have a tag team title match coming up very soon at the rumble, they went down to Titus Worldwide, who haven’t been able to put together a few wins for weeks. A strange move, but hopefully one that isn’t just here for shock factor and puts Titus on something and doesn’t just derail The Bar.

Brock Lesnar. In the ring with Paul Heyman spouting the same stuff he did the last time Brock was on RAW. Not that I didn’t like it, it’s Paul Heyman he can make anything work on the mic, but it is still just a little repetitive with him saying the same thing week in week out.

As the segment seemed to be finishing without interruption. Kane.

The Big Red Machine came out and put a beat down on Brock on the stage, then dragged him backstage. Again I don’t understand the reasons for the Kane push, he seemed to be jobbing to everybody the last time he was here and yet here he is again, in the title picture… instead of Finn Balor. Strange move in my eyes from WWE.

Once backstage Braun brought the pain. He interrupted the two, put Brock through a table and a huge travel case fell on him an then he threw one on Kane. Then, he pulls out a grappling hook and pulls some of the scaffolding down from the stage on top of them. Cool. A good bit of monster handling from Braun, makes him look incredibly strong and puts him over and into the pole position going into next week. We’ll have to see what happens then.

Jason Jordan. The fans turned on him faster than the turned on Roman. They even made Rollins go out first to try and alleviate it and that didn’t work. They boo him, and with reason too. Here we have another corporately created and bubble wrapped hand-picked star. With the added bonus of nepotism being thrown onto him, it’s no surprise he gets boos.

Doesn’t help when his inexperience costs Seth matches.

He got in his way when Finn was running towards him, and Seth had to push Jordan out of the way. getting hit with the dropkick that leads to the coup de gras, and boom. 3 count, match over, Balor Club reigns supreme as the best three-man stable on the show at the moment. Good match, good character development, and some nice heel stuff from Finn. Looking forward to where they go with this.

Only for this to happen –

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