RAW 8/1/18 – Titus and Apollo Crews beat The Bar

You wanna read that again?

Go for it.

Read it again, you read it right.

Titus Worldwide just knocked off The Bar three weeks before their tag team title match at the Royal Rumble.

The match wasn’t long and it wasn’t even that much of a flukey win off a one-sided match. The math was very open for both teams and not at all one-sided in the way of The Bar as you’d think it would if they were going to lose. Apollo was being beaten up early on but then Titus put the hurt on the two of them, Crews hit Cesaro on the floor off the apron and when Sheamus missed a Brogue Kick, he was rolled up for the three.


I mean… What?



there seems to be no reason for it, hopefully, it wasn’t just for the shock and Titus Worldwide now maybe gets a mid card push off this as otherwise it’s damaged The Bar for no reason.

Question – Do you think there was a reason for The Bar losing? Tell us what you think on Twitter or in the comments.

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