09.01.18 – 205 Live Analysis – TJ Perkins has a meltdown, Itami surprises Gallagher & Alexander’s momentum continues

We are watching highlights of the Crusierweight Title match from last night.

TJ Perkins is the first man out tonight.

He faces Gran Metalik.

Metalik dropkicks TJP.

Metalik goes into the top turnbuckle.

Metalik hurricanrana’s TJP after jumping over the steel steps.

TJP makes Metalik falls onto the top turnbuckle as he looked for a moonsault.

TJP dropkicks Metalik as he is held up on the top rope.

TJP delivers a springboard forearm.

TJP toying with Metalik.

Metalik goes face first into the turnbuckle.

Powerbomb by Metalik off the top rope.

Drop-kick off the middle rope by Metalik.

Double gut-buster by TJP, Metalik kicks out at two.

Metalik driver, and he gets the win over TJP.

Kalisto comes down to celebrate with Metalik.

TJP is angry post match.

Starts disassembling the announcers table.

Backstage interview with Enzo Amore.

Tony Nese interrupts Amore’s interview.

Nese wants to rejoin the Zo Train.

Jack Gallagher comes out next.

Gallagher cuts a heel promo.

No Hideo Itami tonight according to Gallagher.

Itami then comes out to surprise everyone.

Itami kicks Gallagher in the face.

Gallagher attempts to hit Itami with the umbrella, but Itami catches the umbrella.

Itami tries to hit Gallagher with the umbrella, but Gallagher runs into the audience.

Goldust is back to support Alexander again.

Goldust playing a good face, again.

Amore comes out, and hobbles to the ring with his injured ankle.

Amore announces Tony Nese.

Nese going on about his abs, again.

Nese tells Alexander not to worry about Amore, but to worry about him.

Dropkick by Alexander sends Nese out of the ring.

Alexander hits the ring apron after Nese trips him up.

Nese throws Alexander onto the barricade.

Nese goes face first into the turnbuckle, after Alexander trips him up.

Alexander jumps over the top rope, and lands on top of Nese.

A clothesline from mid-air by Alexander results in a two count.

Nese drops Alexander on his knee, and gets a two count.

Alexander claims he has a knee injury.

Alexander rolls Nese up for the win.

Alexander is fine after the match.

Amore kicks Nese out of the ring.

Alexander kicks Amore’s injured leg.

Alexander hits his finisher on Amore.



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