09.01.18 – Smackdown Live Analysis – Becky’s Back, Rusev Day is cancelled & Zayn & Owens get a taste of their own medicine

Shows starts with us seeing highlights of Sami Zayn beating AJ Styles last week, with Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon at ringside.

Show opens with Renee Young welcoming Styles to the ring.

Styles says he takes pride every-time he steps foot in the ring.

Crowd cheers when AJ says he could beat the crap out of Zayn and Owens at the Royal Rumble.

Crowd chants Styles’ name.

Owens’ music hits as Styles was about to say: “SD Live is the house that AJ Styles built.”

McMahon interrupts Zayn and Owens as they say they can do what they want to.

McMahon says he is baffled by Bryan’s decisions.

McMahon announces Owens and Zayn are to face Styles, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura tonight.

McMahon goes backstage and is met by Bryan who says he’s made a great main event.

The returning Becky Lynch to face Ruby Riott, next.

Becky Lynch is the first one to come out.

Lynch announces she is the last woman on Smackdown Live to enter the Women’s Royal Rumble match, in something that was pre-recorded.

Charlotte comes out to support Becky.

Followed by Naomi.

All of the Riott squad come out together, as usual.

Grapple game early on, dominated by Lynch.

Logan holds Lynch’s foot as she hits the rope, but Riott can’t take advantage as lynch throws her out of the ring.

We arrive back from the ad-break with Lynch in a submission in the middle of the ring.

Lynch escapes by trying to pin Riott, who kicks out at two.

Riott in control of the match.

Lynch hip tosses Riott to get some momentum.

Lynch delivers some uppercuts.

Lynch delivers the Bex-ploder.

Riott goes for the Riott kick, but Lynch reverses into the dis-armer and wins.

When we get back the Ascension are in the ring.

The Bludgeon Brothers now on their way to the ring.

The Ascension attack the Bludgeon Brothers before the bell.

From that point on it’s a squash match that ends up being over in about 15 seconds, as Viktor is pinned.

Konnor goes to see if Viktor is ok, and the Bludgeon Brothers attack him from behind.

Bobby Roode is now on his way out.

It appears Roode is at ringside to watch Mojo Rawley against Zack Ryder.

When we get back from the ad break Ryder is in the ring looking at the US title.

Rawley runs straight towards……. the US title, when he comes out.

Ryder dropkicks Rawley.

Rawley throws Ryder off the top rope.

Rawley is bullying Ryder now.

Neckbreaker by Ryder, after he counters Rawley’s suplex.

Ryder goes for the broski boot, by Rawley rolls out the ring to avoid it.

Rawley wins after catching Ryder with a punch.

Roode goes to meet Rawley in the ring.

Now we go backstage to see Jinder Mahal cut a promo.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable will head to the stage, after another ad-break.

We saw highlights of Natalya getting paired with Nakamura for the Mixed Match Challenge.

We now get to see highlights of the tag-team title match from last week.

Gable cutting a heel promo.

They are getting a good heel reaction from the crowd.

They claim they lost to instant replay last week.

They call out the referee who cost them the titles last week.

Daniel Bryan comes out instead.

Crowd chanting Bryan’s name.

Bryan announces at the Royal Rumble, The Usos will defend their titles against Benjamin and Gable in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

We cut backstage to Orton, who tells AJ he’s coming after the WWE title at Mania.

Nakamura likes the team talk: “Good talk.”

Nakamura ‘too sweets’ the title, maybe a hint about Nakamura v Styles at Mania.

English and Rusev are already in the ring.

Rusev and English getting a good response from the crowd again.

Fandango starts strongly, throwing English around the ring.

We return from, yet another ad-break, with English having a submission hold locked in on Breeze.

Rusev kicks Fandango a couple of times.

Spinning heel kick by Rusev.

Rusev kicks Breeze in the head, but then Fandango rolls him up to get his team the win.

Rusev Day is cancelled.

We go backstage to Bryan and McMahon.

McMahon isn’t happy with the matches Bryan has been making.

McMahon accuses Bryan of being unstable.

Bryan accuses McMahon of the same.

AJ Styles is the first man out for the match.

Followed by Randy Orton.

Followed by Shinsuke Nakamura.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come out to Owens’ theme music.

Orton and Owens begin.

Orton throws Owens into the barricade.

Orton throws Owens in the ring, as he rolls in himself Owens starts kicking him.

Nakamura delivers some knees to Zayn.

Nakamura dominant over Zayn.

Owens and Zayn retreat when it isn’t going their way.

McMahon comes out to stop them leaving.

McMahon announces the match is now no count-out.

Return from an ad-break with Zayn in control of Styles.

Owens now in control of Styles.

Styles gains control, after a neckbreaker on Owens.

Orton DDT’s Zayn from the middle rope.

Orton goes for a RKO, but Owens hits him with a chair.

Owens attacks both Styles and Nakamura with the chair too.

McMahon comes out again.

McMahon now announces it’s now a no count-out, no disqualification match so anything goes.

Styles hits Owens with a chair.

Zayn tries running from Nakamura and Orton, but they catch him.

Zayn is thrown against the steel ring post.

Orton hits Zayn with the steel steps.

Nakamura and Orton thrown Zayn over the announcers table.

Orton throws Zayn onto the table.

Zayn is thrown into the ring, where Nakamura hits the Kinsasha.

Orton RKOs Zayn, and gets the three count for the win.




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