Smackdown Live – 09.01.18 – Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte and Naomi v Ruby Riott w/ Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

Becky Lynch is the first one to come out.

Lynch announces she is the last woman on Smackdown Live to enter the Women’s Royal Rumble match, in something that was pre-recorded.

Charlotte comes out to support Becky.

Followed by Naomi.

All of the Riott squad come out together, as usual.

Grapple game early on, dominated by Lynch.

Logan holds Lynch’s foot as she hits the rope, but Riott can’t take advantage as lynch throws her out of the ring.

We arrive back from the ad-break with Lynch in a submission in the middle of the ring.

Lynch escapes by trying to pin Riott, who kicks out at two.

Riott in control of the match.

Lynch hip tosses Riott to get some momentum.

Lynch delivers some uppercuts.

Lynch delivers the Bex-ploder.

Riott goes for the Riott kick, but Lynch reverses into the dis-armer and wins.


Decent match, sort of expected Lynch to win on her comeback. That means both Absolution and the Riott squad losing in the last two nights, maybe the groups will turn on each other before the Royal Rumble?


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