10.01.18 – NXT Tag-Team Titles – Roderick Strong & Aleister Black v The Undisputed Era

Match was made after Undisputed Era took SAnitY out.

Strong dropkicks the duo through the ropes.

Black on top of the match so far.

Strong kicks Kyle O’Reilly after Black dodges him.

Bobby Fish kicks Black whilst the referee is distracted, crowd booing.

Fish and O’Reilly trap Black in their corner.

Flash tags by O’Reilly and Fish to one another.

Succession of kicks in the corner to Black by the duo.

Fish trying to submit Black, who fights out.

Black knees Fish in the head.

Strong dropkicks O’Reilly

Step-up knee strike in the corner by Strong.

Knee to the head by Strong on O’Reilly.

Black kicks Fish into the steel steps.

Adam Cole attacked Black from behind.

O’Reilly pins Strong after Cole’s distraction.

Black is shocked.

Black isn’t happy, as he kicks Fish and O’Reilly.

Black goes into the ringpost trying to attack one of the trio.

Now the trio beatdown Black.

Cole throws Black onto a steel chair.

Regal announces announces at NXT Takeover, Cole’s match with Black is now an extreme rules match.


A good, fast paced match. I would have preferred Black and Strong to win, however it was always going to be a longshot given how strong they want to make the Undisputed Era look.



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