10.01.18 – WWE NXT Analysis – Tag-Team Title Match, Lars is the NXT Strowman and Baszler breaks an arm!

Show opens with the Undisputed Era telling the WWE universe who they are, pre taped promo.

Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuiness tell us what to expect on the show tonight.

Shayna Baszler first to the ring.

We see highlights of Baszler attacking her opponent for tonight whilst at the Performance Centre.

Dakota Kai is her opponent.

Baszler shows off her strength early on.

Baszler tries several submissions, unsuccessfully.

Baszler stands on Kai’s hands.

Match is ended early as Baszler injured Kai’s left arm with a stomp.

Looks a legitimately bad injury too.

Baszler then knocks Kai out after locking her in a submission.

Ember Moon comes out to help Kai.

Baszler gets out of the ring.

Authors of Pain now with a backstage segement.

Kassius Ohno against Raul Mendoza up next.

Baszler gets told by William Regal: “Attacking people from behind won’t get you an NXT Women’s Title Match.”

Ohno now on his way out.

Mendoza now on his way out.

Handshake between the competitors pre-match.

Several pin attempts early on.

Ohno throws Mendoza off the top rope, Mendoza delivers an Oklahoma roll.

Kick to the face by Ohno.

Victory roll by Mendoza, Ohno kicks out at two.

Senton by Ohno, Mendoza kicks out at two.

Arm drag by Mendoza.

Springboard by Mendoza, Ohno kicks out at two.

Elbow to the back of the head by Ohno, and he gets the win.

Backstage interview by Zelina Vega.

Vega says Gargano got lucky.

Gargano now doing a backstage interview.

Gargano is interrupted by Velveteen Dream.

Dream says he deserves to be the number one contender.

Now the Street Profits are dancing backstage.

The meet William Regal.

Next week there will be a number one contenders match for the NXT Tag-Team titles, the street profits v authors of pain.

Lio Rush set to face Lars Sullivan.

Rush out first.

Followed by an angry Sullivan.

Sullivan goes to hit Rush in the corner but misses.

Rush avoiding all Sullivan’s shots early on.

Sullivan catches Rush, chokes him and throws him onto the top rope.

Sullivan goes into the ringpost, after Rush dodges him as Sullivan’s running at him.

It happens again.

Sullivan clotheslines Rush, who goes flying.

Sullivan hits his finisher, and wins.

Sullivan now on the mic.

Sullivan wants a match with Killian Dain.

Sullivan attacks Rush again.

Sullivan slams Rush off the top rope.

We go backstage, where the Undisputed Era are attacking SAnitY.

Undisputed Era now heading to the ring.

Crows responds to: “Adam Cole BayBay,” per usual.

The trio are acting like SAnitY are lost.

Nikki Cross is trying to avenge what happened to the rest of SAnitY.

Crows chanting for Cross.

Regal now comes out.

Roderick Strong now comes out.

Aleister Black comes out too.

Strong and Black are going to team up.

Black and Strong layout all three members of the Era.

Strong and Black to challenge for the NXT Championships.

Match was made after Undisputed Era took SAnitY out.

Strong dropkicks the duo through the ropes.

Black on top of the match so far.

Strong kicks Kyle O’Reilly after Black dodges him.

Bobby Fish kicks Black whilst the referee is distracted, crowd booing.

Fish and O’Reilly trap Black in their corner.

Flash tags by O’Reilly and Fish to one another.

Succession of kicks in the corner to Black by the duo.

Fish trying to submit Black, who fights out.

Black knees Fish in the head.

Strong dropkicks O’Reilly

Step-up knee strike in the corner by Strong.

Knee to the head by Strong on O’Reilly.

Black kicks Fish into the steel steps.

Adam Cole attacked Black from behind.

O’Reilly pins Strong after Cole’s distraction.

Black is shocked.

Black isn’t happy, as he kicks Fish and O’Reilly.

Black goes into the ringpost trying to attack one of the trio.

Now the trio beatdown Black.

Cole throws Black onto a steel chair.

Regal announces announces at NXT Takeover, Cole’s match with Black is now an extreme rules match.




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