12.01.18 – Defiant Wrestling – Defiant Championship Match, Mike Bailey Competes & Prince Ameen Returns!

We are watching highlights from last weeks show, and the controversy surrounding the Hardcore Title match.

The commentators remind us of Travis Banks against Austin Aries for the Defiant Championship, tonight.

Jurn Simmons is the first man out tonight.

Prince Ameen, Liam Slater and Pastor William Eaver accompany him to the ring.

Luke Menzies is his opponent.

Manzies out-strengths Simmons.

Both men shoulder blocking each other in the middle of the ring.

Simmons dropkicks Menzies.

Big clothesline by Simmons.

Suplex by Simmons.

Submission hold by Simmons on Menzies.

Hip toss by Menzies.

Powerslam by Menzies, Simmons kicks out at two.

Ameen gets up on the apron, Menzies punches him off and Eaver and Slater catch him.

Gutwrench powerbomb by Simmons get him the win over Menzies.

Zack Gibson is next out.

Gibson met my boos.

Gibson’s promo met by even more boos.

Chants of: “Yorkshire,” by the fans.

Gibson reveals an IPW shirt.

‘Flash’ Morgan Webster is his opponent.

Crowd fully behind Webster.

Gibson slaps Webster in the corner.

Grapple match so far.

Gibson is sent into the ringpost by Webster.

Hurricinarana around the ringpost by Webster.

Webster does a lap of the ring and runs into Gibson who was sat on a chair.

Codebreaker by Gibson, as Webster was held up on the ropes in the corner, kick out at two.

Gibson has targeted Webster’s left leg.

Flying clothesline by Webster on Gibson.

Webster jumps over the top rope to the outside of the ring, and lands on Gibson.

Moonsault by Webster, Gibson kicks out at two.

Submission attempt by Webster on Gibson, but he escapes.

Webster locks it in again, Gibson escapes again.

Gibson pushes the referee towards Webster on the top rope, and catches Webster when he jumps.

Gibson makes Webster submit, to win the match.

Gibson isn’t mpressed with the competition.

Gibson attacks Webster.

Rampage returns.

Gibson rolls out of the ring.

We see a few clips of Millie McKenzie.

Drake is on his way to the ring.

He faces Mike Bailey.

Bailey tries to kick Drake, but he rolls out of the ring.

Quick succession of kicks by Bailey.

Good agility by Bailey early on.

Bailey jumps over the top rope and lands on Drake.

Drake uses the referee as a distraction.

Drake targets Bailey’s left knee.

Drake continues the assault on the knee.

Half crab on Bailey’s knee, he gets to the rope.

Shooting star press by Bailey on Drake’s back.

A kick by Bailey to Drake’s head gets him the win.

In a backstage segment, Gabriel Kidd tries to get Prince Ameen back, but Ameen wants Kidd to join them instead (them being him, Slater, Simmonds and Eaver.

Travis Banks is now on his way to the ring.

Aries is alone which may be considered a surprise.

Opponents shake hands pre-match.

Grapple game early on.

Aries showing off.

Aries laying on the top rope mocking Banks.

Banks trips Aries up, and goes for a pin, Aries kicks out at two.

Succession of kicks by Aries.

Now a succession of kicks by Banks.

Aries in control of the match now.

Elbow to the back from the top rope by Aries, Banks kicks out at two.

Submission attempt by Aries, Banks escapes by rolling Aries onto his back, kick out at two.

Banks kicks Aries in the head, after being pushed to the corner by Aries and Banks jumped off the ropes.

Blow for blow in the middle of the ring.

Both competitors trying to pick up their opponents several times and failing.

Shining wizard by Banks, Aries kicks out at two.

Aries holding onto the ropes to avoid Banks attacking him.

Neckbreaker on the middle rope by Aries.

Banks trips Aries into the turnbuckle.

Banks goes under the middle rope twice and lands on Aries outside the ring both times.

The Prestige come out to distract Banks.

Brainbuster by Aries after the distraction, and he retains the title.



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