15.01.18 – RAW – Nia Jax v Asuka – Does the Undefeated Streak remain intact?

This match was made after Nia Jax attacked Asuka from behind on RAW last week.

Jax tosses Asuka across the ring.

Asuka trying to get Jax to submit.

Jax throws Asuka off.

Booker T says Jax is his pick for the Royal Rumble.

Jax in control.

Asuka locks Jax in the armbar.

Asuka puts Jax in an armbar, and Jax tosses Asuka into the corner as she escapes.

Jax has Asuka in a bear hug.

Jax goes to sit on Asuka, but Asuka moves just in time.

Asuka rolls through an attempted Samoan Drop, but Jax kicks out at one.

Powerbomb by Jax.

Asuka kicks out at two.

Knee-bar by Asuka.

Jax gets to the bottom rope.

Jax catches an attempted Asuka kick, and throws her into the ring apron.

The bell is rung, as Jax has injured her left knee and cannot stand.

Jax was injured after Asuka kicked her left knee as she was walking up the steel steps.


Good match until the injury, that I was enjoying, unsure how legitimate it is, but if it is legit I hope that it doesn’t rule Jax out of the Royal Rumble as that would be unfortunate.



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