RAW Analysis – 15.01.18 – Kurt Angle FIRES Braun Strowman, Asuka remains unbeaten and Titus Worldwide win again!

We are seeing highlights of Brock Lesnar and Kane’s feud two weeks ago.

Now it’s moved onto last week, when Strowman destroyed them both.

Strowman opens RAW.

Strowman gets a very good response from the crowd.

Kurt Angle interrupts Strowman.

Angle is surrounded by security.

Strowman isn’t happy with Angle disrupting his story.

Crowd is yelling: “What?” Towards Angle, whilst cheering Strowman.

Strowman says he can do what he wants.


Strowman is not happy.

We are now following Strowman backstage.

And…. as Strowman threatens the security guards, we cut to an ad-break….

Strowman starts attacking the security guards.

Strowman refuses to leave until: “Everybody gets these hands.”

The Bar are next out.

The will face Titus Worldwide.

Cesaro dominating Crews early on.

Now O’Neil in control of Sheamus.

O’Neil mocking Sheamus by putting Cesaro’s hand towards him for a tag.

Sheamus knees Cesaro in the back whilst Crews is bouncing off the rope.

Michael Cole says Sheamus and Cesaro dominated Crews over the commercial break.

O’Neil gets in the ring and instantly dominates.

Quite an even match-up so far.

Jason Jordan comes out.

Crews rolls up Sheamus for the win off the distraction.

Seth Rollins comes out, seemingly unaware that Jordan was coming out.

Strowman breaks into Angle’s office.

Strowman starts to destroy Angle’s office, it takes him roughly ten seconds.

Strowman destroys the catering area, then choke-slams Curt Hawkins through a table.

Strowman then gets a piece of cake off a random guy offering pieces, and does nothing to him.

Enzo Amore is next out, with Tony Nese.

Amore asks: “How you doin?” to what he jokes: “I’m doing better than Curt Hawkins that’s how I’m doin.”

Cedric Alexander comes out, followed by Goldust.

Goldust jokes the only word to describe Alexander: “Champion.”

Alexander calls Amore: “S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT!”

Alexander to face Nese.

Before the match, we’re back with Strowman destroying stuff again.

Match in the ring is already underway.

Nese grabs Alexander’s foot as he goes to jump over the top rope, so he ends up face-planting into the turnbuckle.

Nese in control now.

Goldust is mocking Amore, with his usual weird walking style.

Alexander on top now after a succession of fast paced moves.

Alexander elbows Nese in the head.

Alexander delivers his finisher for the three count, and the win.

Now backstage with Angle, who is told Strowman is heading to the Television Production area, to which Angle responds: “Oh shoot, they’re worth 12 million dollars.”

After the ad-break we’re back with Strowman.

Strowman couldn’t fit through ones of the doors, so hit it.


Angle says to Strowman he has called the cops.


Strowman’s on the stage.

Strowman is dragging Michael Cole, and drops him when Angle comes out.

Angle said Stephanie McMahon just re-hired Strowman.

Strowman throws Cole into the security guards.

We’re back now, and Tom Phillips has replaced Michael Cole.

Nia Jax v Asuka up next.

This match was made after Nia Jax attacked Asuka from behind on RAW last week.

Jax tosses Asuka across the ring.

Asuka trying to get Jax to submit.

Jax throws Asuka off.

Booker T says Jax is his pick for the Royal Rumble.

Jax in control.

Asuka locks Jax in the armbar.

Asuka puts Jax in an armbar, and Jax tosses Asuka into the corner as she escapes.

Jax has Asuka in a bear hug.

Jax goes to sit on Asuka, but Asuka moves just in time.

Asuka rolls through an attempted Samoan Drop, but Jax kicks out at one.

Powerbomb by Jax.

Asuka kicks out at two.

Knee-bar by Asuka.

Jax gets to the bottom rope.

Jax catches an attempted Asuka kick, and throws her into the ring apron.

The bell is rung, as Jax has injured her left knee and cannot stand.

Jax was injured after Asuka kicked her left knee as she was walking up the steel steps.

Now we are watching a tribute to Martin Luther King JR.

A fitting tribute.

Amore is checking to see if Jax is ok.

The Revival are now in the ring.

They are facing an unknown team.

Dawson dominates early on.

Quick match, and a dominant win for the Revival.

Dawson talks to Charly Carusso afterwards.

Carusso announces STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN will be at RAW 25 next week.

Elias is up next.

Elias says he hopes Michael Cole is okay.

Elias getting a mixed response.

The Miz, and the Miztourage come out after Elias announced them.

Miz doing what he does best, being a great heel.

Roman Reigns comes out, after Miz says he’s awesome.

Reigns to face Dallas and Axel in a handicap match.

Miz steals the Intercontinental Title to distract Reigns, but it doesn’t work out.

The Miztourage finally take advantage of the distractions.

Miztourage been in control for quite a long period at this point.

The distractions are putting Reigns off.

DDT by Dallas, Reigns kicks out at two.

Samoan Drop by Reigns on Axel, but he can’t get to the cover.

Reigns punches Dallas off the apron.

Reigns takes advantage of Axel whilst Dallas is out of the equation.

Superman punch on Axel.

One for Dallas outside the ring too.

Reigns throws Miz into the ring.

Spear by Reigns for the win.

Sasha Banks is out now.

Banks is accompanied by Mickie James and Bayley.

Out come Absoution.

Sonya Deville is the one who will be competing.

The commentators say Paige won’t be able to compete at the Royal Rumble.

Mandy Rose distracts Banks to give Deville an advantage.

Deville playing a grapple game.

Deville kicks Banks as she jumps off the top rope to get a win.

Backstage Rollins tells Jordan to discuss things more with him.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring with his new entrance.

Hardy is facing Heath Slater.

Hardy is shouting delete a lot.

Rhyno is at ringside with Slater.

Hardy’s craziness is scaring Slater.

Rhyno has to motivate Slater to get back in the ring.

Hardy bites Slater’s fingers.

Suplex by Hardy on Slater into the corner.

Side effect by Hardy, Slater kicks out at two.

Twist of Fate seals the win for Hardy.

Hardy is chanting delete towards the crowd.

We are watching Goldberg officially being announced as an induction into the Hall of Fame.

The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are next out.

Followed out by Finn Balor.

Rollins comes out with Jordan.

Rollins mocks the Good Brothers with a ‘Too Sweet’ aimed towards them as Balor is down.

Rollins is down outside the ring, after a running kick by Balor.

Rollins’ knee seems a problem.

Rollins jumps out of the middle rope and lands on Balor.

Balor kicks Rollins off the top rope.

Slingblade by Rollins on Balor.

Balor returns with a slingblade on his own.

Superkick by Rollins on Balor, who kicks out at two.

Enzaguri by both competitors.

Rollins misses Balor after jumping off the top rope, holds his knee and Baalor dropkicks him into the corner.

Balor goes for the Coupe De Grace, Rollins suplexs Balor off the top rope, then delivers the Falcon Arrow, Balor kicks out at two.

The Bar have come out.

Jordan is trapped between the Bar and Gallows and Anderson.

Gallows and Anderson fight Sheamus and Cesaro.





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