Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor – Contraversial decision halts momentum

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson enter first. The good brothers too sweet, and walk to the ring.

Balors music hits to a pop. New titontron video with Balor club up over where it once said Balor, now, it says both.

Small video package of Finn talking about the match, confidence personified. Heel? Kinda.

Seth Rollins is out with Jason Jordan by his side.

Hold up in the middle of the ring, Seth in control of the lock-up early

Finn pushes him off and gets some fast-paced offence going with some hip tosses. Seth reciprocates. Big boots in the corner from Seth.

Pulls him out into the middle of the ring with a neck lock. Knees to the midsection. Rollins sent outside the ring by Finn and gets a big kick in the jaw as he tries to get back in the ring.

Some fast paced action, very back and forth up to now.

Back into the show and Finn was wrapped up by Seth and he delivers the blockbuster from the corner. A knee injury sustained in the ad break, suicide dive from Seth, Finn on the floor and Seth holds his knee again.

Seth rolls Finn back into the ring and a neck breaker to Finn in the centre of the ring. Wrapped up on the neck.

Big shots to the neck from Seth. Seth despite the knee issues is in control.

Return shits from Finn greeted by shots from Seth, ad Finn into the corner, an explosion of pace from Finn and the double stomp from him in the centre of the ring.

Big elbow across the throat of Seth and a close 2 count from Finn. He holds his neck after he gets up.

Rollins his the sling blade and covers Balor out at 2.

Seth hitting Balor in the corner twice. Balor burst out with a Sling blade of his own and goes for another one getting hit with a huge superkick, and a close 2 count.

Trading blows in the centre of the ring. Finn gets the best of the exchange but Seth answers with an enzuiguri.

Seth goes top rope for the phoenix splash and misses, rolls through and Finn hits the drop kick into the corner. Climbs the ropes. Up comes Seth and hits the superplex, rolls through into the Falcon Arrow and Finn looked down and out but kicks out at 2.

Strange count from the ref, looked easily three but the ref insists it was two.

The Bar comes out.

Sheamus and Cesaro come down to the ring. The Good Brothers get into them and Finn flies over the rope to hit them.

Big kick to Seth as he gets back in the ring and goes for the coup de gras, but misses, Cesaro gets up on the rope and Jordan trips Finn who gets hit with the Curb Stomp from Seth as he is getting up for the three count.

Recap od the count shows the ref counted 3 and a half for Finn earlier in the match. Controversy all the way.

Finn down on his knees in the middle of the ring looks like he doesn’t know where he is. Seems a work to put Seth’s move over, even more, could be used later as something to look back on if he turns heel properly.

Good match. Did we expect any less from Seth and Finn though? They are two of the best in the business.




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