The Miztourage vs Roman Reigns. Pretty sure this can only go one way…

Elias introducing The Miz and The Miztourage with yet another brilliant song.

Another amazing Promo from The Miz that will be spoken about in my review of the show, but if it goes up on YouTube, give it a watch, it’s well worth it.

Roman Reigns waltzes down to the ring with the belt over his shoulder. He gets a pop with very little booing happening, could it be WWE silencing the boos in the crowd? Maybe, but it works for The Miz being the heel in this storyline.

Big strike from roman instantly and he gets out the ring following The Miz around the ring.

Big shot to Bo Dallas and The Miz falls to the floor, but double axehandle from Curtis, Roman put into the steps and The Miztourage in control now with Roman in the corner stamping down on him with frequent tags

Wrap up in the middle of the ring for Bo Dallas. The Miztourage well and truly in control here. As Booker says, “Wearing out” Roman here.

roman stirring here, back to his feet. Big knees from Bo. Cant get him up for the suplex. Axel saving Bo from reigns suplex with a push and DDT to roman from Bo Dallas. Roman prone in the ring again.

Roman preventing Dallas from making the tag, big hits from roman, into the wrong corner though and Axel gets into him again.

Samoan Drop from out of nowhere and both Curtis and Roman down in the middle of the ring.

Axel runs fro the tag and Roman catches him and pushes him into the turnbuckle, Roman hits Bo off the apron and it becomes pretty much 1 on 1. The big dog bringing it no in his yard.

Both Dallas and Axel down in the middle of the ring and roman sets for the superman punch, The Miz tries to get involved and Bo tries to capitalise but gets thrown out and a superman punch to Axel. Roman gets out of the ring and superman punches Bo trying to get to The Miz. A scuffle outside with The Miz almost leads to a roll up from Curtis as he gets back into the ring.  Roman kicks out at 2 and a half, and BOOM, with the spear to Curtis.


It’s all over.

Overall that was a good match. Nothing bad and some really good wrestling from the former Intercontinental champ and NXT champ in Curtis and Bo respectively. Definitely worth watching. Not as good as the promo before, but still, a good match.



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