16.01.18 – 205 Live Analysis – Goldust emrges victorious, and TJP loses again

Commentators announce Goldust will interview Cedric Alexander on tonight’s show.

TJ Perkins opens the show.

He faces Gran Metalik in a repeat of last week’s match.

Two shoulder barges by TJP to start the match.

Metalik in  control now, with a succession of moves off the rope.

Moonsault from Metalik to TJP on the outside of the ring.

TJP dropkicks Metalik in the back as he jumps off the top rope.

TJP lands on  Metalik after jumping over the top rope.

TJP drops Metalik onto the top rope after he goes to the top rope.

TJP goes into the steel steps after trying to dropkick Metalik who was hung up on the top rope.

More moves off the top rope by Metalik.

Metalik rolls through a move by TJP, to pin him and get the win.

Jack Gallagher is up next.

TJP starts getting angry backstage and destroying things.

Gallagher is doing a backstage segment.

Gallagher threatens Itami.

Alexander out next, followed out by Goldust.

Goldust calls Alexander a star.

Enzo Amore interrupts.

Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Divari accompany him.

Goldust is looking for a fight.

Goldust about to face Gulak, Nese and Divari in a three on one handicap.

Gulak runs into Goldust’s backside.

Divari attacks Goldust after to Zo Train distract him.

Nese bulldozes through Goldust.

Spinebuster to Nese.

Powerslam by Goldust.

Divari breaks the pin up at two.

Nese goes over the top rope but lands on Divari.

Alexander then jumps and lands on Amore.

Final Cut by Goldust for the win.




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