16.01.18 – Smackdown Live Analysis – A new United States Champion & the Riott Squad win again

Smackdown Live is opened by The New Day.

It appears this will be the United States Tournament match, Xavier Woods v Jinder Mahal.

New Day taking the mickey out of the Singh Brothers introducing Mahal.

There’s a plate of pancakes in front of the New Day.

Crowd behind Woods and the New Day.

Singh Brothers now introduce Mahal.

Instant kick to the face by Mahal.

Mahal dominant early on.

Dropkick by Woods.

Mahal attempting to get Woods to submit.

Mahal dominating again.

It appears the WWE Universe want pancakes, as that is what they are chanting.

Woods narrowly makes it back into the ring before he is counted out.

Woods kicks out at two, after Mahal catches him with a knee.

Woods headbutts Mahal off the top rope.

Missile dropkick by Woods off the top rope.

Both competitors trading blows in the middle of the ring.

Kick to the head by Woods.

Shining Wizard by Woods, Mahal kicks out at two.

New Day chase the Singh Brothers out of the arena as they try to distract Woods.

Mahal throws Woods into the bottom rope.

Mahal hits his finisher to win and qualify for the finals.

Now we move onto a pre-recorded part where Corbin says he will win the Royal Rumble.

After the ad-break we are re-capping Goldberg being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Renee Young now introduces AJ Styles for a backstage segment.

Styles says he counts Kevin Owens as two people, so it’s a 3v1 handicap match.

Carmella gives her thoughts on the Royal Rumble in a pre=recorded clip.

As does Natalya.

As does Tamina.

As does Lana.

As does Naomi.

As does Ruby Riott.

As does Sarah Logan.

As does Liv Morgan.

As does Becky Lynch.

Bobby Roode now comes out.

He’s facing Mojo Rawley in the second semi final for the US Title Tournament.

Rawley wins the strength battle at the beginning of the match.

Roode dominating early on, and now trying to submit Rawley.

Rawley runs into Roode and sends him flying into the matt.

Rawley runs around the ring and shoulder barges Roode into the barricade.

Rawley now has Roode in submissions trying to get him to submit.

High boot by Rawley, Roode kicks out at two.

Rawley goes shoulder first into the steel ringpost.

Blockbuster off the top rope by Roode, Rawley kicks out at two.

Rawley throws Roode into the canvas, Roode kicks out at two.

Roode hits the Glorious DDT for the win.

That means that it is Roode v Mahal for the US Title next week.

The Singh Brothers beat Roode down from behind.

The Singh Brothers run off before Roode can react.

Mahal mocks Roode by saying he will be a Glorious Champion.

Roode wants the match to happen tonight.

Mahal says no.

Daniel Bryan is behind Mahal.

Bryan says the US Title Match will be tonight.

Another pre-recorded bit, this time from Randy Orton.

Charlotte is the first woman out.

She is followed by Becky Lynch.

And then Naomi.

Riott Squad come out together per usual.

Charlotte starts off stronger against Morgan.

Charlotte now dominating Riott.

The Riott Squad have taken control since the ad break.

Morgan mocks Lynch by lying in front of her and waving.

Logan tries to get Lynch to submit.

Naomi cross-bodies Morgan over the top rope, Logan breaks up the pinfall.

Riott kicks Naomi whilst the referee is distracted.

Morgan hits her finisher on Naomi to get the win for the Riott squad.

Backstage interview with the Usos.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable attack them from behind.

We are seeing highlights of how Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn got their championship shot.

Now we are seeing  a pre-recorded part with Shinsuke Nakamura saying why he will win the Royal Rumble.

Shane McMahon is next out.

According to the commentators, Daniel Bryan will join him at ringside.

Rusev and Aiden English to face the Ascension next week.

Singh Brothers banned from ringside.

Roode punches Mahal ten times whilst in the corner.

Mahal is sent out the ring over the top rope.

Mahal throws Roode first into the ring apron, and then the steel steps.

Mahal then throws Roode onto the barricade.

Mahal stretches Roode’s body around the steel ringpost.

Mahal shoulder barges Roode off the ring apron into the barricade.

Mahal dominating Roode.

Roode gets a few shots off on Mahal.

Mahal stops Roode’s momentum with a clothesline, Roode kicks out at two.

Mahal tries to get Roode to submit.

Sunset flip by Roode, Mahal kicks out at two.

Kick by Mahal, Roode kicks out at two.

Mahal dominating again.

Blockbuster by Roode, Mahal kicks out at two.

Both men down after a double clothesline.

Spinebuster by Roode.

Mahal goes for his finisher, Roode reverses into his, and wins the United States Title.



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