18.01.18 – WWE NXT Analysis – Two NXT Title matches made for Takeover & Strong returns to winning ways

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuiness and Percy Watson welcome us into the show.

Heavy Machinery open the show.

They will face Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli.

Dozovic outpowers Sabbatelli.

Dozovic squashes Sabbatelli in the corner.

Tucker Knight is throwing Sabbatelli around the ring.

Knight playing the grapple game.

Knight does the same thing to Moss that he did to Sabbatelli.

Elbow drop by Dozovic, Sabbatelli breaks up the pin at two.

Grapple game by Moss.

Moss pins Knight by putting both of his feet on the rope, the referee doesn’t see it and counts three.

Dozovic and Knight aren’t happy.

Pre-recorded segment with the Undisputed Era.

They are discussing their matches at the upcoming NXT Takeover.

Roderick Strong faces Fabian Aichner up next.

Before that we are seeing how Cole’s match with Aleister Black came about.

Strong out first.

Followed by Aichner.

Aichner shoulder barges Strong onto the matt.

Dropkick by Strong.

Power on display by Aichner.

Strong beats Aichner up whilst he is trapped in the corner.

Backbreaker by Aichner.

Aichner goes for a springboard, Strong catches him with a half-Nelson backbreaker.

Aichner taps out after a submission attempt by Strong.

Strong says he wants to face Lars Sullivan.

Mick Miller and Shane Thorne (TM-61) do a pre-recorded promo.

Aliyah is out next.

She faces Lacey Evans.

Lots of pin attempts early on.

Evans trying to bully Aliyah.

Slightshot elbow drop over the top rope by Evans.

Evans jumps off the top rope onto Aliyah who is underneath her.

Clothesline off the top rope by Aliyah.

Evans knocks Aliyah out, and pins her to get the win.

Evans says she wants better competition.

Shayna Baszler interrupts Evans.

Baszler attacks Aliyah instead.

Ember Moon comes out to save Aliyah.

Baszler walks off smiling.

Moon wants to fight Baszler.

It appears that Baszler v Moon for the NXT Women’s Title has just been made for NXT Takeover.

William Regal announces that will be a match for NXT Takeover.

Zelina Vega tries to make Andrade Almas’ match against Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover a triple threat, that includes the Velveteen Dream.

No Way Jose announces that he will compete next week.

Johnny Gargano is now making his way to the ring.

Gargano says he is done being doubted.

Gargano says this is his time.

Gargano says he will fight Dream next week, putting his NXT Title match on the line.

Gargano says he is the next NXT Champion.

The crowd is fully behind him.

Street Profits now out for their match against the Authors of Pain.

Paul Ellering leads to Street Profits to the ring.

Heated discussion between the two teams before the match begins.

Akam shoulder-barges Ford.

AOP beat Ford up whilst he is hung up on the top rope.

Ford kicks out at two as Akam throws him across the ring.

AOP dominating the match thus far.

Dawkins drop kicks Rezar.

Uppercut by Dawkins on Akam.

Signiture finisher by AOP.

AOP work together and pin Ford to become the new number one contenders.



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