19.01.18 – Defiant Wrestling – IPW Takeover Defiant Wrestling & Zack Gibson angers Rampage

To start the show we get a re-cap of last week’s show.

IPW Owner Billy Wood proposes a match between Mark Haskins and Martin Kirby.

If Haskins wins, IPW get control of Defiant wrestling, if Kirby does he gets a shot at Austin Aries’ title

Alex Gracie heads to the ring.

He faces Rampage.

Rampage is from where the event is live from tonight, Leeds.

Chants of: “Yorkshire,” from the fans.

Running powerslam by Rampage.

Suplex by Rampage, Gracie kicks out at two.

Drop-kick by Rampage.

Rampage chases Gracie around the ring.

Rampage’s boot hit the steel ring-post, as Gracie avoids it.

Powerslam by Rampage.

Low-blow by Gracie on Rampage.

Rampage kicks out at two as a result.

Piledriver by Rampage, get him the three count, and the win.

Rampage runs out of the ring, as Zack Gibson has attacked one of his friends.

Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) now make their way to the ring.

Primate makes his way to the ring.

Jimmy Havoc comes out afterwards.

A brawl starts before the match begins.

Members of the roster who accompanied the Aussie Open to the ring help the IPW guys.

Davis uses a chair to get the advantage.

Havoc brings out a ladder.

Havoc pokes both his opponents in the eye.

Havoc brings out a table.

Suplex by Primate on Fletcher.

Double foot stomp through a chair by Havoc on Fletcher.

Davis breaks up the pin at two.

Overhead throw off the top rope by Primate on Fletcher.

Aussie Open win after they deliver the fidget spinner to both Primate and Havoc.

Aussie Open walk off with the tag-team titles even though they haven’t won them.

Zack Gibson is now on the stage.

Gibson has the member of Rampage’s friends that he attacked earlier on.

Gibson says he is a better coach than Rampage.

Rampage comes out and chases after Gibson.

The Prestige now head to the ring.

Joe Coffey is their opponent.

Coffey turns it into a tag-team match.

Travis Banks is his partner.

The Prestige run up to the stage to try and get a jump on their opponents.

Ligero rolls out the ring after Banks’ succession of kicks.

Banks jumps out of the middle rope, towards Ligero and Hendry.

Drop-kick by Coffey on Hendry.

Ligero rakes Coffey’s eyes.

The Prestige beat up Coffey, whilst the referee is distracted.

Hendry tries to get Coffey to submit.

Ligero kicks his own partner in the face, accidently.

Ligero accidentally cannonballs onto Hendry too.

Ligero accidentally hurts Hendry again.

Ligero accidentally DDT’s Hendry.

Double tap from Hendry and Ligero gives Branks and Coffey the win.

Now it is time for the main event.

Haskins heads to the ring first.

Kirby follows him to the ring.

Haskins attacks Kirby before the bell.

Kirby fight back.

Kirby goes flying over the barricade towards Haskins, and both competitors land on steel chairs.

Kick to the head by Haskins, as Kirby is in the middle rope.

Double feet by Haskins to Kirby, whose lay on the apron.

Haskins on top at present.

Back suplex on Kirby, who kicks out at two.

Kirby fights back.

Backbreaker by Kirby.

Spear by Kirby, as Haskins waited in the corner of the ring.

Inverted neck-breaker by Kirby, Haskins kicks out at two.

Armbar by Haskins, Kirby reaches the ropes.

Another submission attempt by Haskins, Kirby reaches the ropes.

Enzurguri by Kirby to Haskins’ head.

Haskins hits one of the commentators with a chair.

Kirby is out, so Haskins wins.

IPW is in charge of Defiant Wrestling for the next three weeks.

The IPW roster comes out to congratulate Haskins.



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