WWE Mixed Match Challenge Round One – Big E & Carmella v Asuka & The Miz – Predictions

Next Tuesday, immediately after Smackdown Live, sees the second round of the Mixed Match Challenge, as Big E and Carmella face Asuka and the Miz.

Yet again myself and Josh will be giving both of our opinions for the match.

Jack’s Predictions

Who Wins?

I think that it will be a tight match, but I can see Asuka being the key factor in the match, with her being undefeated. So by saying that Miz and Asuka win.

Match Prediction?

As I previously said, I can see this being a very tight match as all the competitors in the match seem pretty strong.

Miz has looked strong since his return a few weeks back, and could even be the Intercontinental Champion by the time the match takes place.

Asuka is still undefeated, therefore it will be interesting too see what happens if her team loses.

Carmella is Miss Money in the bank!

And Big E is a heavyweight who would add power to any team that he is on.

I can see the Miz and Big E part being interesting because you don’t know which one of the male stars they would rather put over.

Carmella v Asuka would be interesting, but I would be surprised should Carmella be the one who ends the undefeated streak.

Josh’s Predictions

The Miz and Asuka to win, simply because Asuka is undefeated and it needs to stay that way.

Match Predictions?

Miz being pinned would mean a loss on her record, and that’s not something that the story she’s in needs right now.

The match will most likely be quite a good one.

I can see a lot of domination from Big E just imposing himself on the Miz, tossing him around the ring and then a lot of dominance from Asuka, with her being such a hot property for WWE right now.

Carmella, I can see getting some shots in because she has the briefcase and that needs to be made more of, and she needs to look like she can hold her own in the match.

Same with the Miz, as he’s in for the Intercontinental Title at RAW 25.

I can see their rallies in the match being short lived, and Asuka picking up the pinfall or submission victory over Carmella.

Question – Who do you think wins this match?

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