WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round One – Finn Balor & Sasha Banks v Shinsuke Nakamura & Natalya – Analysis & Opinions

Match Analysis

Finn Balor is the first competitor out.

Byron Saxton and Renee Young give their thoughts at ringside pre-match.

Followed by Sasha Banks.

Beth Phoenix, Michael Cole & Corey Graves are the commentators.

Natalya comes out next.

Followed by Nakamura.

Banks and Natalya start.

Natalya tags in Nakamura before the fight even starts.

That means Balor also has to come in.

Grapple game early on.

Balor isn’t happy with Nakamura’s mind games.

Balor puts a too sweet up towards Nakamura, who doesn’t oblige.

Natalya tags herself in.

Natalya uses the rope to throw Banks to the matt.

Natalya on top so far.

Double knees on the middle rope in the corner by Banks.

Natalya rolls out the ring.

Nakamura catches Bank who tried to jump at Natalya.

Banks then tries to jump on Nakamura after he puts her on the apron, but he ducks and she lands on Natalya.

Becky Lynch and Sami Zayn watching on backstage.

Clothesline by Natalya.

Powerslam by Natalya, as Banks tries to tag in Balor.

Natalya tries to get Banks to submit.

Balor dropkicks Nakamura off the top rope.

Kick to the head by Nakamura.

Knee to the ribs by Nakamura, as Balor is hung up on the top rope.

Face first suplex by Nakamura.

Slingblade by Balor, as Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa.

Natalya pushes Balor off the top rope as he goes for the coupe de grace.

Banks breaks the pin up as Nakamura looked to win the match.

Nakamura sent into the steel ring post.

Double knees to Natalya outside the ring.

Too sweet by Banks and Balor in the middle of the ring.

Natalya taps out to the Bank Statement.

Balor and Banks win, as predicted by both myself and Josh!


Pretty decent match with lots of potential spots teased for the future should they all end up on the same brand.

Multiple too sweets by Balor and Banks, not sure what to make of it if I am honest.

The right team won, as it was pretty obvious that Natalya would be the one to concede the match.

The Nakamura and Banks parts were pretty exciting, and hopefully that leads to a bigger storyline in the future.



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