2010 Royal Rumble Match – A straight ‘EDGE’ Sermon On The Mount! – Analysis & Thoughts.


Dolph Ziggler in

Evan Bourne in

CM Punk in

Evan Bourne out – CM Punk

Dolph Ziggler out – CM Punk

JTG in

JTG out – CM Punk

The Great Khali in

Beth Phoenix in

The Great Khali out – Beth Phoenix

Zach Ryder in

Beth Phoenix out – CM Punk

Zach Ryder out – CM Punk

Triple H in

Drew McIntyre in

CM Punk out – Triple H

Ted DiBiase in

John Morrison in

Kane in

Cody Rhodes in

MVP in – attacked by The Miz

Carlito in

The Miz in

MVP back in

MVP & The Miz eliminated by MVP himself

Matt Hardy in

Matt Hardy out – Kane

Kane out – Triple H

Shawn Michaels in

Carlito out – Shawn Michaels

Cody Rhodes out – Shawn Michaels

Ted DiBiase out – Shawn Michaels

John Morrison out – Shawn Michaels

Drew McIntyre out – DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels)

John Cena in

Triple H out – Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin in

Shelton Benjamin out – John Cena

Yoshi Tatsu in

Yoshi Tatsu out – John Cena

The Big Show in

Mark Henry in

Chris Masters in

Chris Masters out – The Big Show

R – Truth in

The big show out – R – Truth

Mark Henry out – R -Truth

Jack Swagger in

Kofi Kingston in

Jack Swagger out – Kofi Kingston

R – Truth out – Kofi Kingston

Chris Jericho in

Kofi Kingston out – John Cena

Edge in

Chris Jericho out – Edge

Batista in

Shawn Michaels out – Batista

Batista out – John Cena

John Cena out – Edge

Winner – Edge.



Wow, what a match. Personally, I have three stand out moments that I’ll go into, but this rumble was brilliant. Well worth a watch even 8 years on.

First off is obviously CM Punk and his sermon on the mount like speech at the beginning of the show. This was brilliant and I honestly can’t fault it. he eliminated the first two n the match and started talking, then the next person in the match and finished what he was saying. Brilliant from the straight edge superstar. Good heel moment with the hit on Zach Ryder and a valiant fight before elimination. nothing more to ask from Punk, just a really good showing from him.

Shawn Michaels. After a large period where not a lot was happening and no one was being eliminated, out came Shawn to thin the herd, and boy did he, four quick eliminations, and a good elimination on Triple H later on in the match that played well for his character. Also, after he was eliminated from the rumble by Batista the emotional response kicking the ref upon realising he won’t get his match with The Undertaker now was good and adds some humanity to the world of professional wrestling.

The final part of this, as expected, is the return of Edge. As was said on commentary he was supposed to be gone for 14 months and came back in 8. The comeback story and knocking off the face of the company John Cena to win it on top of this makes it one of the most special moments for a rumble ad probably for him personally as well. A good moment from WWE

All in all, a good rumble from start to finish.


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