RAW 25 Analysis – 22.01.18 – A New Intercontinental Champion, Three Stone-Cold Stunners & Strowman stands tall again!

First we get to see the Manhattan Centre.

Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross are there.

Stephanie McMahon opens the show.

Shane McMahon is alongside her.

Shane thanks everyone for making the show a success.

Now we are seeing highlights of the best moments.

Stephanie introduces Vince.

Shane and Stephanie have got a plaque to celebrate the occasion for Vince.

Vince is playing classic heel Vince, and it’s awesome!


Stunner on Shane!



Austin walks out with his beer.

Eight woman tag-team match.

The heel team attack the face team before the match has began.

It’s Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka and Mickie James v Nia Jax, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and Alicia Fox.

Asuka in control of Deville this far.

Asuka now in control of Rose, after the ad-break.

Jax now in control of Banks.

Fox now in control of Banks.

Fox mocking in front of Banks’ team.

The rest of the competitors brawl outside the ring.

Banks locks in the bank-statement on Fox for the win.

Asuka attacks all of her team-mates and throws them over the top rope.

Kurt Angle is now backstage with Coach Jonathan.

Teddy long joins them.

The Boogeyman now joins in!

There were some more guests but I’d be lying if I said I knew who they were.


It appears the other people were brother love and the Brooklyn Brawler.

We are watching a package of the Undertaker’s best moments.

Taker is at the Manhattan Centre.

Howard Finkel introduced him.

Taker doing an old school promo.

No mention of whether he is retiring or a Mania match.

We’re now with the APA.

They are joined by Heath Slater and Rhyno.

The million Dollar man, Ted DiBiase joins them.

John Laurinatis comes out.

As does William Regal.

As does Eric Bischoff.

As does Daniel Bryan!

The Miz interrupts them.

Miz joined by the Miztourage.

Reigns attacks the Miztourage.

Miz takes advantage of the distraction.

Reigns on top by time we are back from ad-break.

Reigns sent shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Miz does the yes kicks.

Reigns catches Miz and powerbombs him, kickout at two.

Miz once again takes advantage of distractions.

Super-man punch, kickout at two.

Miz once against takes advantage of distractions.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel thrown out from ringside.

Skull crushing finale by Miz, Reigns kicks out at two.

Another skull crushing finale and Miz wins!


MVP, Jeff Hardy and The Usos have joined the APA Poker game.

Now Christian is hosting the Peep Show.

Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are his guests.

Jordan getting A LOT of heat.

Cannot even get his lines out.

The Bar interrupt.

Crowd loves Cesaro when he tells Jordan he sucks.

Rollins accidentally knees Jordan.

The crowd loves it.

Ric Flair says Alexa Bliss needs to be more like Charlotte.

Titus Worldwide and Natalya have joined the APA Poker game.

Bray Wyatt is at the Manhattan Centre.

As is Matt Hardy.

Wyatt throws himself at Hardy.

Hardy repeatedly bouncing Wyatt’s head off the turnbuckle.

Side effect by Hardy, Wyatt kicks out at two.

Sister Abigail by Wyatt wins him the match.

The Bella twins are now out.

Maryse is next.

Kelly Kelly is next.

Lilian Garcia is next.

Jacqueline is next.

Torrie Wilson is next.

Michelle McCool is next.

Terri Runnels is next.

Maria Kanellis is next.

Trish Stratus looks to be the final one.


Jericho calls Elias a stupid idiot.

Elias makes the list!

Elias is now sat in the ring.

Elias points out Jimmy Fallon in the front row.

John Cena interrupts him.

A security guard has taken away a ball the WWE Universe where hitting around the arena.

Five knuckle shuffle by Cena.

Low-blow by Cena as he went for the AA.

Elias hits Cena with a guitar.

Driftor to Cena.

The New Day have now joined the APA Poker Game.


Mark Henry backstage.

Her meets the Godfather.

Titus Worldwide now heading to the ring.

They will face Slater and Rhyno.

O’Neil in control of Slater early on.

Match ended after both teams continue fighting.


The other four men run out the ring.

Slater is thrown in the ring.

Signature Dudley Boyz move!


3D through a table on Slater.

AJ Styles now backstage.

Styles will be interviewed by Gene Okerlund.

DX Reunion up next.

Triple H keeps stopping Michaels from telling some stories he doesn’t want telling.

Michaels promotes the WWE Network.

Triple H is recapping memories of the Mahattan Center.

The New Age Outlaws come out.

X-Pac is next out.

Razor Ramon is next out.

Balor Club walk to the ring!

Everyone in the ring too sweets.

Now the Revival come out.

The Revival attack Gallows and Anderson before the bell has rang.

The club win after they hit their finisher.

Dawson gets beaten up by all members in the ring after he attacked Ramon.

Coupe de grace by Balor on Dawson.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with pretty much the full locker room.

Strowman heads to the ring first.

Kane follows Braun.

Superstars in the ring to split them up.

Paul Heyman introduces Lesnar.

Heyman says Lesnar wants a fight.

Strowman attacks Kane from behind.

Lesnar clotheslines Strowman.

F5 by Lesnar on Kane.

Strowman throws Lesnar out of the ring.

Strowman throws Lesnar into the barricade.

Strowman slams Lesnar through a table.


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