2014 Royal Rumble Match – A legend returns to win! – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis

CM Punk is the first entrant.

Seth Rollins is the second entrant.

Damien Sandow enters next.

Cody Rhodes enters next.

Punk eliminates Sandow.

Kane enters next.

Punk eliminates Kane.

Rusev enters next.

Jack Swagger enters next.

Kofi Kingston enters next.

Jimmy Uso enters next.

Goldust enters next.

Multiple superstars eliminate Rusev.

Dean Ambrose enters next.

Dolph Ziggler enters next.

R-Truth enters next.

Ambrose eliminates Truth.

Ambrose eliminates Jimmy Uso.

Kevin Nash enters next.

Nash eliminates Swagger.

Roman Reigns enters next.

Reigns eliminates Kingston.

Reigns eliminates Ziggler.

Reigns eliminates Nash.

Great Khali enters next.

The Shield eliminate Khali.

Goldust eliminates Rhodes.

Reigns eliminates Goldust.

Sheamus enters next.

The Miz enters next.

Fandango enters next.

El Torito enters next.

Torito eliminates Fandango.

Reigns eliminates Torito.

Cesaro enters next.

Luke Harper enters next.

Jey Uso enters next.

JBL enters next.

Reigns eliminates JBL.

Erick Rowan enters next.

Harper eliminates Miz.

Harper eliminates Jey Uso.

Ryback enters next.

Alberto Del Rio enters next.

Batista enters next.

Batista eliminates Rowan.

Batista eliminates Ryback.

Batista eliminates Del Rio.

Big E enters next.

Rey Mysterio is the last entrant.

Sheamus eliminates Big E.

Rollins eliminates Mysterio.

Reigns eliminates Harper.

Reigns eliminates Cesaro, Rollins and Ambrose.

Kane comes back and eliminates Punk.

Kane chokeslams Punk through a table.

Reigns eliminates Sheamus.


My Thoughts

Decent Royal Rumble match.

Batista returning was always good given there wasn’t any others.

Few NXT callups who are still on the roster now.

CM Punk’s last WWE Rumble 😦



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