2015 Royal Rumble Match – The start of WWE’s new Golden Boy? – Analysis & Thoughts!

Match Analysis

The Miz and R-Truth begin the match.

Bubba Ray Dudley enters next.

D by Truth and Dudley.

Dudley eliminates Truth.

Dudley eliminates Truth.

Luke Harper enters next.

Bray Wyatt enters next.

Wyatt eliminates Dudley.

Curtis Axel was meant to enter next but Erick Rowan attacks him from behind.

Rowan eliminates Harper.

Wyatt eliminates Rowan.

The Boogeyman enters next.

Wyatt eliminates Boogeyman.

Sin Cara enters next.

Wyatt eliminates Cara.

Zack Ryder enters next.

Wyatt eliminates Ryder.

Daniel Bryan enters next.

Fandango enters next.

Tyson Kidd enters next.

Stardust enters next.

Bryan eliminates Kidd.

DDP enters next.

Rusev enters next.

Rusev eliminates DDP.

Rusev eliminates Fandango.

Wyatt eliminates Bryan.

Goldust enters next.

Kofi Kingston enters next.

Adam Rose enters next.

Rusev eliminates Rose.

Rusev eliminates Kingston.

Roman Reigns is next to enter.

Reigns eliminates Goldust.

Reigns eliminates Stardust.

Big E enters next.

Damien Sandow enters next.

Rusev eliminates Sandow.

Jack Swagger enters next.

Ryback enters next.

Kane enters next.

Dean Ambrose enters next.

Titus O’Neil enters next.

Reigns and Ambrose eliminate O’Neil.

Wade Barrett enters next.

Cesaro enters next.

Rusev eliminates Big E.

Big Show is the penultimate competitor.

Kane and Show eliminate Ryback.

Show eliminates Swagger.

Dolph Ziggler enters last.

Ziggler eliminates Barrett.

Ziggler eliminates Cesaro.

Show and Kane eliminate Ziggler.

Show eliminates Wyatt.

Kane and Show eliminate Ambrose.

Reigns eliminates Kane and show to win!

The Rock turns up to save Reigns after the match.

Rusev comes back in as he wasn’t eliminated.

Reigns eliminates Rusev.

My Thoughts

You can tell that the WWE Universe clearly weren’t happy with the decision to let Reigns win this Rumble.

There was a severe lack of top stars in this match. I don’t remember seeing Cena, Orton, Rollins, Sheamus and a lot more.

I get the feeling this is where Reigns’ push started to happen, and you can tell the WWE Universe felt that too.


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