WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round One – Carmella & Big E v Asuka & The Miz – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis

Carmella is the first competitor out.

Followed by Big E.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out with Big E.

Woods and Kingston walk backstage after they have done their intro.

Carmella and Big E eat pancakes pre-match.

Asuka is the next competitor out.

Miz follows Asuka out.

Corey Graves has pancakes on the top of his head.

He is with Michael Cole and Beth Phoenix.

Miz and Big E start the match.

Abdominal stretch by Big E.

Miz tags in Asuka.

Carmella reluctant to fight Asuka.

Big E gets an L from under the ring and tells Carmella to give it to Asuka.

Asuka rips up the L.

Carmella tags in Big E.

Belly to belly by Big E.

DDT by Miz, Carmella breaks up the pin.

Both Miz and Asuka do the Daniel Bryan kicks.

Neckbreaker by Miz, Big E kicks out at two.

Succession of kicks to Big E.

Asuka tags herself in as Miz gets hung up on the middle rope.

Superkick by Carmella.

Carmella angers Asuka.

Kick to the head by Asuka.

Carmella taps out to Asuka’s arm bar.

Renee Young interviews the winners.

Asuka speaks in Japanese.

Miz says Asuka said: “She’s learned more than a champion in him, than anyone in her entire life.”


Pretty much 90% of the match was Big E v The Miz, and I thought the female competitors should have had more time.

Carmella was made to look pretty weak, tapping out to the armbar, which was one of the few moves Asuka hit on her.

Asuka’s undefeated streak remains intact, will be interesting to see how long that continues.


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