NJPW – The New Beginning in Sapporo – Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi v Toru Yano & Tomohoro Ishii – Analysis

Takahashi can’t push Ishii over.

Succession of kicks off the rope to Ishii’s head by Takahashi.

Yano teasing Owens.

Takahashi kicks Yano in the head whilst Yano tries to undo the turnbuckle.

Takahashi strangles Yano with a walking stick.

Leg drop by Takahashi on Yano, kick out at two.

Takahashi bites Yano’s hand.

Clothesline by Owens, Ishii kicks out at two.

Neckbreaker, pin broken up by Yano.

Knee to the head by Owens, kick out by two.

Owens accidently superkicks Takahashi.

Clothesline by Ishii.

Vertical drop neckbreaker by Ishii on Owens, and that wins the match.


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