NJPW – The New Beginning in Sapporo – Hiromu Takahashi & Tetsuya Naito v Will Ospreay & Yoshi-Hashi – Analysis

Takahashi and Naito attack their opponents pre-match.

Takahashi throws Ospreay into the barricade.

Naito throws Hashi into the barricade.

Naito hits Hashi with his own stick.

Hashi throws Naito into the barricade.

Hashi beats Naito down in the ring.

Naito spits at Ospreay to get a distraction.

Naito and Takahashi now beat down Ospreay.

Enzaguri by Ospreay to Naito.

Hashi kicks Takahashi over the top rope.

Neckbreaker by Hashi on Naito.

Hip-toss by Naito on Hashi.

619 by Ospreay to Takahashi.

Dropkick in the corner by Ospreay.

Pop-up powerbomb by Takahashi on Ospreay.

Neckbreaker on Ospreay by Naito.

Springboard forearm by Ospreay on Naito.

Low blow by Naito on Ospreay, followed by a superkick by Takahashi, and Naito and Takahashi get the win.

Hashi attacks Naito and Takahashi post-match.

Hashi spits on Naito.

The two brawl all the way towards the locker room.




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