NJPW – The New Beginning in Sapporo – Minoru Suzuki v Hiroshi Tanahashi – Analysis

Grapple game early on.

Submission attempt by Tanahashi, Suzuki reverses it by grabbing Tanahashi’s left leg.

Tanahashi tries to get Suzuki to submit.

Armbar by Suzuki using the ropes.

Suzuki throws Tanahashi into the barricade.

Succession of kicks by Suzuki on Tanahashi.

Armbar by Suzuki.

Tanahashi invites Suzuki’s kicks.

Powerslam by Tanahashi.

Senton by Tanahashi, Suzuki kicks out at two.

High boot in the corner by Suzuki.

Three kicks to the back by Suzuki.

Three different dragonscrew’s aimed at the legs by Tanahashi.

Submission attempt by Tanahashi.

Suzuki reaches the ropes, by walking there on his head.

Dragonscrew on the rope by Tanahashi.

Running dropkick by Suzuki.

Submission attempt by Suzuki, Tanahashi pushes him into the corner.

Three neckbreakers by Tanahashi.

Slingblade by Tanahashi.

Splash by Tanahashi, instantly holds his knee afterwards.

Suzuki bends Tanahashi’s knee backwards in a submission.

Tanahashi eventually reaches the ropes.

Another submission attempt to the same leg by Suzuki.

This time he keeps it locked in for a very long time.

Tanahashi looks in pain.

Tanahashi finally makes it to the ropes, about five minutes later.

Choke-hold by Suzuki.

Tanahashi now has a leg-lock locked in on Suzuki.

Suzuki escapes by pinning Tanahashi.

Slingblade by Tanahashi, Suzuki kicks out at two.

Tanahashi tried to run, pulls up and Suzuki dropkicks his injured knee.

Suzuki repeatedly kicking Tanahashi’s injured leg.

Suzuki hits a piledriver.

Submission attempt again by Suzuki.

Tanahashi refuses to submit.

Suzuki doing submission after submission, the referee stops the match from continuing.

NEW IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Minoru Suzuki.

They are getting a stretcher for Tanahashi.




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