NJPW – The New Beginning in Sapporo – Roppongi 3k & Jay White v Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks – Analysis

White attacks omega from behind.

Big boot by Omega on White.

The Young Bucks double up on Roppongi 3k and deliver a double dropkick.

Yoh throws Matt and Nick Jackson onto the outer apron, whilst Omega runs into him.

Sho and Yoh both jump out of the ring towards the Young Bucks.

Yoh’s distraction puts White in control.

Double dropkick and Bulldog combination by Omega.

Nick Jackson delivers a clothesline and a bulldog to Roppongi 3k at once.

High knee by the Bucks, but Sho kicks out at two.

Double snap-dragon by Omega.

Make that three, Omega gets White too.

Triple superkick by Bucks and Omega, White breaks up the pin.

Swantom Bomb by Nick whilst Sho is hung up on the middle rope, kickout at two.

Knee to the head by Omega on Sho.

A succession of superkicks by all of the competitors.

A triple team move by Bucks and Omega gets them the win, with a pin on Yoh.

Jay White attacks Omega from behind, and delivers the Switchblade before anyone can stop him.


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