NJPW – The New Beginning is Sapporo – Bushi, Evil & Sanada v Hirooki Goto, Kazuchika Okada & Gedo – Analysis

Okada and Sanada to begin the match.

Grapple game early on.

Superkick by Gedo, as Bushi tried to tease him.

Evil throws Goto into the barricade.

Sanada hits Gedo in the face off the top rope.

Dropkick to the back by Sanada.

Low ankle thrust kick by Gedo on Evil.

Clothesline in the corner by Goto on Evil, kickout at two.

Clothesline in the corner, then a bulldog by Evil on Goto, he kicks out at two.

Elbow to the throat on Sanada by Okada.

Dropkick by Sanada on Okada.

Side-suplex by Sanada on Okada.

Triple team on Okada, backbreaker by Bushi, Okada’s team break the pin up at two.

Double death valley driver by Okada and Goto on Evil and Sanada.

Bushi taps out to a submission by Okada.

Okada attacks Sanada post-match.

Tombstone by Okada.

Okada put paper in Sanada’s mouth and chokes him out.




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