NXT Takeover – NXT Tag Team Titles – AOP vs Undisputed Era

AOP ambush the undisputed era before the start of the match and get the better of them

Undisputed era out the ring

Back in they get and the bell rings

Kyle attacking razars legs getting him to one knee

Double leg takedown from razar with some ground and pound

Some submission training on the ground and they split

Kyle now outside the ring

Tag to bobby and back to the knee of razar they go

Bobby in AOPs corner some good double teaming from them and a tag

Kyle back in the match

Beatdown on the outside now from AOP

The match devolving into a bit of a brawl now, kyle being teamed on in the ring by AOP with some good tags

Akam with some leg issues now

Capitalised on by bobby fish

Razar out of the ring with a big bump

Akam in the undisputed eras corner now putting a beat down on him focusing on the knee

Akam fighting out against the both of them, tossing them around the ring.

Akam crotched on the ropes, and down and now bobby goes to work on the knee of akam

The beatdown continuing

Akam in the knee bar as he goes to get to the corner

Akam in the corner again big beatdown and concentration on the knee for akam

Big knee kicks to akam

Bobby tries to get razar off the rope and fails, akam pushes through bobby and gets the tag

Razar now standing tall

Pinfall attempt from razar with a kick out at 2.

Kyle with razar in a standing guillotine, razar throws him off but ends up in the corner

Fish gets razar up for the suplex, razar kicks out at 2

Razor fights them both off, akam back on the rope all down in the ring.

Tag to akam but having problems on the knee

Both members of AOP in submission attempts

Razar dumps his assailant on the the other member of Undisputed era and breaks up both submission attempts

Kyle and akam legal, big kicks to the knee of akam

Big suplex by akam

Buckle bomb to Kyle in the corner

The undisputed era get akam to push razar off the ring apron and roll up for the win for undisputed era.


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