NXT Takeover – NXT Womens Title – Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler

Baszler out first

Ember Moon with the favourites second entry

Getting in each other’s faces before the match even starts

bell goes

wrapped up in the centre of the ring, back and forth with the wrap-up

Baszler drops Ember, Ember back up only to go into the double leg back to the mat with Baszler in mount, back up.

Ember with continuous drops to Baszler, flooring her multiple times, suicide dive from Ember too

Baszler slid back into the ring

Baszler caught in a big move and some huge knees and a big kick puts Ember on her back, cover for a 2 count

Looks like a broken arm for Ember, Shanya doing what she did to Dakota and now pulling on it on the ground. Ember in dire straights now.

Here’s the beatdown from Baszler focused attack on the left arm of Ember with the lockups on the floor

Baszler really taking it to EMber’s left arm

Ember with a couple of strikes, using just one arm

Baszler on the floor and a springboard cross body for a 2 count.

Ember fighting on one arm with Baszler on her back, ember going high risk.

Ember hits the eclipse but cant get the cover from landing on her injured arm, screaming in pain

Medical team in the ring attending to Ember

Crowd getting a little restless here

Ember saying she can carry on Baszler gets her in the armbar on the bad arm

Ember gets her legs to the rope to break the hold, but that did a lot of damage

Baszler drags her to the middle of the ring and slaps the armbar on again.

Dominating display from Baszler so far

Ember fighting it but still in the hold

ember rolls out but Baszler rolls her back through and she’s still in that armbar.

Ember pushes her up and into a pin from the armbar position and gets the three from it

Ember dominated and almost had her arm broke and gets the three count to retain


Baszler attacks her from behind, gets her in a rear necked choke and puts her to sleep. Ember out on the ramp and Baszler standing tall despite the loss.


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