Royal Rumble 2018 – The Main Event – Predictions

This Sunday is the stage for the Royal Rumble match and one that again and as per usual has Wrestlemania implications

In preparation for the Rumble match, myself and Jack have predictions on who will win, with the two of us going in different directions this time.

who wins?

Jack’s pick for the Rumble is Shinsuke Nakamura. A good pick I’d say, however, I hate saying this but I think it’s the way they’re going, and I have reasons; my pick is the one and only Big Dog, Roman Reigns


Just going through the people who have bee confirmed for the rumble at the time of writing.

Xavier Woods probably won’t do much, might stay in for a little while but no more than 10 minutes I’d say, definitely won’t be winning it.

Kofi Kingston again I cant see winning it, he’ll be in for a while and again some amazing way of staying in the match will happen which will make for some good entertainment though I’m sure.

Big – E Is the most likely member of The New Day to be in the match for a while but again, due to the team they are in, I can’t see any of them winning.

Tye Dillinger enters at 10? Yeah, I can see them doing that gag again, not on much of a roll at the moment, might have a good showing of himself, but I’m not holding much hope.

Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil have been on a bit of a roll on Raw so I can see them getting a couple of eliminations but then an attempt from one to eliminate the other will ruin the momentum and they’ll go out around the same time.

Rusev and Aiden English. I can see the entry being a good one but I don’t think English will last very long, Rusev, however, could and could be one of the final few if WWE uses him right.

Bray Wyatt. I’d love to see him win this match, he’s such a good wrestler and his gimmick suits him oh so well, but the feud with Woken Matt Hardy will probably cause him to go out.

Matt I think will do quite well when he is in, and the fans will get behind him but like what I said with Bray, that feud will cause the end of this match for the both of them in my opinion.

Baron Corbin. If this was a few months ago I’d have said he could go far in this match, but as of late WWE seem to not be behind he anywhere near as much as they previously were. He’ll get a few eliminations, but I can’t see WWE giving him one of the final spots.

Elias’s guitar is for sure getting involved when he comes in, and I think he’s been really good on Raw in recent weeks and so deserves a good showing in this match.

The Miz, can’t see much happening in this one for The Miz, he’s got the IC belt back and I can’t see WWE giving him the win when he has that belt already.

Having won the match last year Randy Orton probably won’t win it again this year but I can see him being there around the end of the match in the final few.

Finn Balor needs a good showing here, it’ll be his first rumble if I’m not mistaken having missed last year’s due to injury, and having recently turned heel he needs to show that this was good for him, he needs to be one of the last.

Big Match John is another one I cant see winning but I can see doing well because it’s John Cena. He needs a good account of himself, especially seen as he’s still going for that record-setting title reign, but I can’t see this happening yet.

Shinsuke should probably win this, he’s the kind of guy that could win and needs it at the moment as he’s been a little lacking since his promotion to the main roster. if AJ retains as well this sets us up for that dream match between AJ and Shinsuke for the WWE title at WrestleMania, all the signals point to a Shinsuke win…


Roman. He’s not won it for a couple of years now, and we all know how WWE feels about their golden boy so I can see him winning just for that reason alone. But, for years the WWE has wanted Brock vs Roman at mania with Roman coming out on top, and they have just taken the Intercontinental Title off him, leaving his PPV schedule a lot more open, and, Brock’s contract is up soon so this could be their last chance for this match. The Big Dog could most definitely stake a claim to his yard yet again this Sunday night.

Question – What do you think will happen in this match? Who will come out on top?

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