Royal Rumble 2018 – Braun Strowman v Brock Lesnar v Kane – Universal Title Match – Analysis

Strowman enters first.

Followed by Kane.

Followed by Lesnar, and Paul Heyman.

All the competitors are announced by Jojo, and Heyman introduces Lesnar.


Kane chokeslams Lesnar.

Lesnar hits Kane with a chair.

Lesnar also hits Strowman with it but he doesn’t budge.

Strowman sets up a table.

Kane chokeslams Kane, Lesnar breaks it up at two.

Three suplex’s in a row by Lesnar to Strowman.

Strowman slams Lesnar through a table, Kane breaks it up at two.

Kane pushes Strowman through a table.

F5 by Lesnar, Strowman suplexs Lesnar off the cover.

Strowman throws Lesnar into the barricade.

Lesnar F5’s Strowman through the announce table.

Lesnar just pushed another announcer’s table on top of Strowman.

Lesnar F5’s Kane through the table.

Strowman pushes the table off himself.

Strowman attacks lesnar.

Powerslam by Strowman.

And a second one.

Kane attacks Strowman with a chair.

F5 by Lesnar on Kane onto a chair, and Lesnar retains the title.



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